3rd Strike DVD

I have been searching the net for this 3s(Tutorial) DVD but cant find it.:sad:
You can watch the whole thing on youtube.com but my friend wants the actual DVD.

Where can I find this DVD or can someone sell me a used one. I know its probably not in English but I dont think he cares:lovin:

Heres what im talking about - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zv8qnb8Xkcw

+rep for that id never seen that before

I’m pretty sure that DVD came with the special edition release of 3rd Strike for PS2 in Japan.

I have this stuff :sweat:

Have downloaded it some time ago at EF FTP, unfortunately it does not exist anymore :sad:


Ok you guys thanks for saying it exist , I want to buy it and how do I find it ?

i got back-up copy this some where (has artwork too)

you could only get it with 3s limited edition package (out of production now)

How much you want for it ?

i’ll have to go find it. i’ll pm you when i find it

likewise… what file format u got it in?

DVD format

mmmk, thx in advance

its VOB format just incase thought DVD can mean anything lol

Any way to get a hold of this?

ebay it BUT it’s Really rare and yes it’s included in the limited ed of SF 3S jap. ed. heck, it’s as rare as trying to buy samsho comp. of 1 & 2 for ps