3rd strike emulation

I was just wondering what the most accurate way to emulate 3rd strike is these days?

Shmupmame emulator

shmupmame is the same as regular mame with the exception of 1 game which had a modified way of handling graphics drawing. Someone recently found this out looking at the code so there are no benefits to it over regular mame.

Groovymame might be a different story though.

Someone should test 3s MAME vs ShmupMAME. Perhaps we will do it!

There are basically two components to this question.

  1. does the emulator add additional lag
  2. does the game speed differ from arcade

Based on our tests a couple years ago (and these are limited sample size + we didn’t control for stick PCB lag or other outside factors, so you shouldn’t take them as “absolute evidence,” only a rough sketch) ShmupMAME was very close to the same as arcade on input lag, and runs the game slightly faster than arcade. As far as I know, every emulator and console port runs the game at an even 60FPS, which is why they’re all slightly faster than arcade.

Additional info, probably not what you are asking:
If by accuracy you mean a more stringent definition of accuracy like how higan emulates the SNES, I have no idea and I doubt anyone does or ever will. The interest in CPS3 is really not high enough that anyone would put that much effort into really accurately emulating CPS3 at the cycle level.

Stopped reading right there,

That’s okay. We won’t ever ask for your help when testing anything so you can choose not to read whatever you like.

The link I posted already tested the CPS3 board and Shmupmame, CPS3 at 3.6 and Shmupmame at 3.7 so that’s pretty arcade perfect input lag-wise. Shmupmame and the PS3 version feel the same to me,FBA (emulator that Fightcade uses if I remember correctly) feels a bit off to me.

Who’s We? Don’t speak for everyone.

I’ve reached a weird paradox, due to the lack of local 3S, whereby fightcade/GGPO’s emulation of the game has became my datum. :s