3rd Strike Equipment Recomendation

hey everyone i was just wondering which equiment i should purchase for my set up when i buy my cab please drop me a post saying what you all would recomend this will only be used for streetfighter 3 so i want the best parts possible for purchase.

sanwa sticks and buttons

and the game, thats all u need really.

Not directly related to the cab, but …

*** Comfortable Seating ***
Table to hold Beers
Mini Fridge

what do you think the best buttons are which do they use at SBO?

Also i was wondering what are the recomend sticks for street fighter 3 the best ones.

sanwa buttons and sticks like i said. do people even read?

If you don’t know about buttons and that sort of stuff, you sure you want to buy a cabinet mate?

really for both ? i read you post but i read the japs use seimitsu is that actually true i just wanna make shure i can get the best setup there is most say sanwa so i think i will go with those but what is the major difference in the parts ? i also hurd for 3rd stike 8 point is better than 4 i have played on both but i would like to know what the pros use

i understand the parts for the cabinets but i would just like some recomendations as i am confused if i should mabie switch my parts i currently am playing sanwa point is 8 better ?

8 point?
4 point?

its all prefrence man. at a certain level things arent better just different. i dont think you should buy a cab before you even know what you want.

ps2 controller is BEST lol :slight_smile:

it’s like people ignore the seach function on purpose. i’ve only had to make one thread on srk cause everything has pretty much been answered.

Go to Tech Talk or the 3S General sections.