3rd Strike Execution: (Ken) c.forward --> SRK from the 1P side

If you’re going to decide to help me with this, then please read everything, and don’t reply with “just keep practicing.” Everyone knows that practice makes permanent, not perfect, and so if I’m practicing too long the wrong way (and still don’t get it), it becomes increasingly harder to do it the right way. Thus, I’m halting working on this until I can get a method of execution / execution tips that seem to work better than the ones I’m using now so I can be more consistent, faster. Also, I’ve been trying to get this down for three months now, practicing at least twice a week for 2 hours straight. I’ve been playing FGs for some years now, so the question of practice isn’t the issue.

I’d prefer if you read the long version, but the short version might be enough for someone to be like, okay, I know what the issue is.

SHORT VERSION (for execution reference: go to Ken’s combo trials on 3rd strike, and I believe its the 2nd or third one, that says Evo moment #37)

Using a 2 finger grip (2 fingers on the ball, knuckles under the ball on the stick):

I can’t hit this from the right side, unless I start from the crouching position. For some reason, going from standing to c.mk makes it much more inconsistent, and I end up just throwing out hadoukens.

To test why this happens, I tried equipping super art 1, but hadouken still comes out sometimes. Sometimes, the super comes out as well. I think its because at some point I’m doing a hadouken motion because I’m hitting df when I’m not supposed to.

How do I get the nasty df input out of there? How come when I’m in full crouch I don’t hit df nearly as much as I do when I start from standing?


This is a really specific execution question because its a really specific set of inputs that seem to get me jumbled every time.

I’m doing this for the purpose of being able to hit c.f -> srk xx shippu from both sides. From the left side (2P facing left), I have no trouble cancelling c.mk to srk, even though getting the shippu to come out is a little hard, but I can definitely get this easily after some muscle memory.

From the right side (1P facing right), c.mk -> srk is a trainwreck. I can only get it to come out by violently shaking my wrist to increase the speed, but even then its not consistent. I’ve tried changing grip from wineglass to open hand but its equally hard.

Here’s my problem:

On the LEFT side, if I hold down crouch and try to do an srk out of c.mk, its fine. It’s not a case where I have to tap down quickly and go back to neutral, THEN input an SRK. I can also do the latter method consistently as well.

On the RIGHT side, if I HOLD DOWN CROUCH and try to do the cancel, I can do it relatively easily with a wineglass grip, probably with an 80% success rate. I use a wine-glass-ish grip, just meaning two fingers on the ball and knuckles on the stick. I’m holding down by pushing the two fingers down, and do the SRK by pushing my entire hand forward first to get that input, and then just doing the d,df as fast as possible normally. This means my arm is shaking once I start the motion, basically. For contrast, on the left side, I can use purely my fingers without my arm shaking (albeit not nearly as much as when I do it from the right).

My question is, now, is this normal? Is this how most people do it? If so, then I foresee my arm becoming pretty tired in the long run from practicing, but at least I have a way to do it. Except, its not practical, because I have to already be crouching.

From the STANDING position, the previous method becomes impossible and terribly inconsistent. Probably 1/15 times. The other 14, I either get nothing, or a hadouken. The problem I’m observing is this: For the SRK to come out, the input must be something like this, from neutral:

d+mk, f, d, df+mp

but I think I’m doing something like this

d+mk, df, f, d, df +mp

so I’m guessing that I get a hadouken input stored once I hit df by accident, so when I do press mp, I’m just doing mp hadouken.
HOWEVER, on further analyzation, it doesn’t seem to be that much of the case. When I switch supers to Super Art 1 (the qcf x2 P super), the super SOMETIMES doesn’t come out, and its still just a hadouken. I’d say, the super comes out 4/10 and the hadouken comes out 6/10 of the times that I don’t get the SRK (which is like, most of the time), starting from the STANDING position.

If I try from the full crouch position with super art 1, can get the SRK to come out pretty consistently. About 8.5/10 times. This is because, I don’t hit the df by accident unless I’m not really concentrating.

My question now is, how do I get from neutral to down to forward within a short amount of time, given the grip I’m using? Here I could kind of understand if someone said, just practice - but it would have to be meticulous practice with attention to very precise hand movements (which, skepticism inserting, I doubt most players who can hit this cancel consistently have done). And on that note, I feel like I shouldn’t even have to scrutinize this that much in order to get it. Is it possible that I still just haven’t practiced enough or that I should just give up entirely and focus on other things? My execution in general isn’t crazy good, but it isn’t bad either.


Anyway, if someone who can hit this consistently can quickly just look at their hands / feel it out and describe it to me or maybe point out something I’m doing wrong above, I would REALLY appreciate it. This is a pretty important cancel for Ken and if I get this I feel like my execution will improve leaps and bounds because of something I’m doing wrong that I just never noticed / should be trying to knead out.

If necessary, I’ll record a video of my hands to show you what I’m doing, if you think that will help.
Let me know if you need any more info.

f, d+mk, df+mp

this is very simple. there are two ways you can do low foward into shoryu.

1st. simply do a shoryuken but add the crouch mk input right before you press punch. remember just do a shoryuken but press mk right before you press punch. you’ll get the rhythm down.

2nd. press d. mk and then shoryu + p motion. it’s literally that simple.

if you haven’t learned how to properly buffer then it’s still going to take time. but just try those motions and keep at it.

If your grip doesn’t work from both sides… use a different grip.

I’ve tried all of this, the buffering method is not so good because if you’re just throwing out low forwards and one connects without super at an optimal range, you want to do that mp shoryu, in which case you’d have to do the srk motion. I know you’re saying its that simple - and I understand that, but I know lots of people who have trouble with the motion because its just plain hard to do because of how you hold the stick when you’re facing right. You have no thumb support really for an SRK (since the motion is in the direction of your thumb) so going from d to f in a really short time without hitting df and THEN being able to do the srk after that is really hard.

If there really is no trick to it then I’ll keep practicing, but I’ve only made this post because I’ve been practicing this for about 3 months now. I’m serious.

Its not that it doesn’t work from both sides - it works amazingly facing right actually.

So weird. I use the same grip and have the opposite issue. My moves come out slower and sloppy facing right. The only other thing I may suggest is trying a stiffer spring for quicker return to neutral movements. not sure if it will specifically help with your issue but it has helped me with some of my other movements.