3rd Strike Frame Data


I’m starting up a new 3rd strike website, with frame rate data to start with. Note that i’m not done translating all the characters, but I should finish soon. Questions/comments welcome:


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As far as I know, with the unfortunate demise of karathrow the best place to get frame data currently is Game Restaurant, which can be found at the following link:


The only problem is that the data is in Japanese which means you’ll probably want to use a translation tool such as Google or AltaVista in order to make some half-sense of the data.

Otherwise, you can try the Wayback Machine at http://web.archive.org to access the old karathrow pages. Note that there are some discrepancies (it’s usually just 1 added to each number I believe) between the Game Restaurant and karathrow data.


Great idea, so far it’s looking good. Only question/comment I have is I don’t quite understand the Block Advantage/Hit Advantage. Is this the priority of the move? Or the frames of recovery after a block/hit.

Once again, great site, the 3S bible is long overdue for an english translation

[edit] Nevermind, I’m a moron. Didn’t read for the FAQ first. Guess thats what the FAQ is there for… [/edit]


omfg! d1s 1s th3 4w3som3! :lol:

seriously though, this is very good stuff. It’s something I’ve been looking for but never found. Very nice layout, and, I like frames too :smiley: it almost seems fitting that a page talking about “frames” would be designed using “frames”


I’m amazed by chun’s c.forward giving -1 frame advantage on a hit. I always thought that c.forward -> SAII was a link, I guess now it’s just an obscenely long cancel.


I’m a moron, thank you :slight_smile:




Good stuff.

Thank you for putting time and effort into this. I for on appreciate it. :smiley:


dude, put your paypal address up, so people can start sending donations ;D

much appreciated.


You’re a god :eek:
It’s already the ultimate 3S website!



ultimate 3S site…? oh shit…light bulb above head shines i should create a 3S site :cool:


My most sincere congratulations for your page, its been something ive been looking for for long time.

However i want to make sure that i understand it well.

What does “Hit” mean? It is the number of frames that the move CAN hit? Or is somehow the frames that the Hit last (??) so the length of the full move would be Start-up+Hit+Recovery?

Thanks again

Also: What does it mean when in a hit box it says 1*10 for Ryus Towards + strong, for example?


The number in the hit column is the number of frames in which you can hit your opponent. Yes, the full length of the move should be start-up + hit + recovery.

Columns with more than one number seperated by asterisks (*) are multi-hit moves. For example, Ryu’s towards and strong has 1 frame with which to hit with the first part of the move, and 10 frames to hit with the 2nd part of the move.

I hope that clears things up.


omg, awesome work. This is just the thing I was looking for.

I owe you a beer, this is really good stuff.

Thanks so much for posting this information.





Ok, you are the man.

Check him out yall. For years ppl hear about gamest mooks and SRK has never commissioned anyone to translate one for any game to put on the site. Although that would seem obvious. I mean, game data section and all. But this dude finally did it himself. All by himself. SRK has tons of fans and resources(as far as players) to call on and never did so.

There was certainly more need for this than ANY combo video or tutorial. I have never had any data like this for ANY sf game. Not that I missed it but, I always felt that it sucked that in Japan you could go to the store and get all the technical info you wanted on an SF game. How easy would it be to calculate strategy with this knowledge? Although I thought it might not be as fun having all the data, it certainly never felt fair that the Japanese have it and we don’t. So, SRK nuthugs as if they’re(Japan) gods instead of hooking up Americans with the same advantages.

Not dissing on SRK. It just seems that things like this should make it obvious that some focus has been lost here. We should’ve had this long ago. Before Apex. Although Apex was dope. Now it means nothing, imo. Evo seeds and all. It doesn’t inspire me to win at all. Nice tweak recently though. Heh, no more babblin’.

Superb site StreamSRM! I haven’t fully looked at it yet but just the knowledge that I can get the info if I want it is INCREDIBLE. That’s so much time saved. Screw training, let’s just look it up like the Japanese can:)

Seriously, sites with exact info like this for SF games, even without forums, I would support. By all means, hook up the paypal. That’s mad research and translation and it’s a service. It caters strictly to the players and not anyone’s idea of what the “scene” needs and shit.

Add top player match vids and you’ve got all a tourney player really cares about. Oh, and a ranking system. But when you have nationals, they rank the players anyway. Just like Evo disregards Apex for the most part now(if I understand correctly).

I’ll prolly owe some of my sht to you for giving me the numbers to figure sht out:D

Thanks again.



I don’t mean to take anything away from StreakSRM, you’ve done a really good job. For people that complain: “we don’t have access to frame data” and stuff like that. Do you actually realise that this stuff has been around on the net for years? IIRC, SlimX has put up the URL for at least 2/3 times, the URL that SlimX posted was the best one I’ve seen, it listed the frame data for ARC and DC. Then other people also put it up as well (different URL IIRC). Do not complain that it’s in Japanese, the translation website is ready for you to use, even though it might not translate perfectly as you want, but it’s still very obvious.


Well, both Zero’s 3s page (the Japanese one I’ve posted) and Streak’s page have some of the same info, but they also each have some stuff that the other doesn’t. For one thing, Zero’s page is for the arcade version (with a couple character’s for DC) and Streak’s is from the DC book. Zero’s has more detailed info about the way the supers work (full start-up times, “stuck frames” etc) but Streak’s has the very useful hit advantage frames that allow you to determine what will link.

The moral is, the more info you can get your hands on, the better. =)


Hey, awesome job! I sorta noticed that the data was for DC because I jumped straight to Alex’s page and saw that you listed a 3-frame start-up for Hyper Bomb. Yup, I’m so much of a nut that I memorized all the differences between the DC and arcade versions of 3S! :smiley:

No, actually I was kidding. That’s probably the only one I know because Alex is my main character. :lol:


so, uh, can you post the link to Zero’s 3S page?



have fun :smiley:


how many frames per second is 3rd strike?