3rd Strike Frame Data


In MISC menu, you can click on the little blue/green/red icon to watch it in action.

‘Full animation’ means i did nothing and the end of animation is triggered by a parameter (in game core) going back to neutral value.
‘Recovery cancelled’, as soon i inputted the dash, i held up direction to cancel it.

IIRC, since then, Tebbo (i think?) has shown attacks may be able to cancel dashes sooner than jump.

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wow thats pretty cool…so jumps cancel dash recovery.thanks for such a speedy answer i appreciate it


Jumps or any attack/special/sa i think. Hence Makoto being able to karakusa after a hella short dash forward.


Is this a dynamic of the system that anyone on here consciously uses? If so, please explain how with some examples. Thanks!


Never knew things worked that way but I had been using something like this before. After a forward throw with Gouki against Yun, if you dash at him while he quickrises he gets 123 for free, but dash demon beats it. I just figured demon breaks lots of rules anyway so shrug


I think dashes also cancel dash recovery. If you watch good Oros you will see that it looks like they’re “chaining” the dashes.


my understanding of it has always been the exact opposite. ie. that you can cancel dash “recovery” with anything (jump, block, attack, etc) except another dash. i based this off the fact that makoto has to wait a noticeable amount of time between two consecutive dashes and esn’s chart shows that she has the longest “recovery” frames, so i put two and two together and ended up with this theory. could be wrong but this is how i’ve always interpreted whatever dash “recovery” is.


@ESN @telesniper

After parrying ibukis toward mk, why can yun punish it with lp lk mp TC only when she couch guards (has joystick in down back). if she stand guards, the TC will not punish her toward mk on parry.

I am aware you can select the recovery state of some special moves but this move is a normal move.

If you guys don’t know why this occurs that’s ok, just curious. Thanks


Yuuki- Very interesting…
Maybe the game treats towards forward more like a jump-in attack? I seem to recall that you can choose your recovery state on your airborne attacks.

Semi related can ESN, tele, etc also look into ibuki twd’s rh frame data. It is listed as -4 on block but testing in OE it seems to be completely safe as ibuki can block both mak’s sa1 and ken’s sa3.

Edit. Further testing on towards RH reversal gigas can grab it (holding up after executing move)
Yangs sa2 hits only if Ibuki tries to crouch block it similar to Yuuki’s example.

My guess is that when executing an “airborne” attack you have one less landing and/or recovery frame if you chose to stand block instead of cr block.


question…is there a way to determine hit advantage of special moves? i cant seem to find it on ESN’s site :frowning:


you can find that information at game restaurant.
to find the frame data for a character, select the character picture on the left table. once youve gone to the character page, click 一覧 on the far right of the header table.

under H&G硬直 you’ll see the advantage for moves that are guarded (G) moves that hit the opponent standing (立) and moves that hit the opponent crouching (屈)
the D in that information stands for “down” as in the move knockdown the opponent.

hope you find this helpful. @djdjw

let me know if you have any further questions on how to read the frame data or any part of the website.


tyvm sir :slight_smile: very helpful


demon 0 frame!



This was mainly a response to Hax, but this portion fits better here…

I assume you’re referring to the red damage on Chun’s life? Damage actually occurs one frame before your reel animation, meaning you need to, in effect, be blocking/parrying at least 2 frames before the move connects visually (5/6 realtime with the reported input lag). Honestly always wondered if that actually has something to do with the varied frame data reported, some being early by a frame and such… maybe they counted until the red? Or factored in how many frames you’d have to block it?

@ESN How did you measure start up again? Before the red? When the hit color showed? Would this mean that potentially start up could be accurately measured as 1 frame before the red, as on that next/current frame, it’s a “done deal”? Or another frame earlier?


The startup definition i used is:
the number of frames from when the game registered an attack until the frame when opponent is considered as being hit, without including that last frame. On screen, it will corresponds to “red bar - 1”, and “sparks/char hit - 2”.

Full example of how i processed for Gouki cl.LP, first number is current internal frame number of emulator, second is P1 attack variable, third is P2 attack variable (which also show if he is being hit):

  • 79471 : 0 / 0 --> button pressed, startup = 0
  • 79472 : 4 / 0 --> P1 attack registered, startup = 1
  • 79473 : 4 / 0 --> startup = 2
  • 79474 : 4 / 0 --> startup = 3
  • 79475 : 4 / 1 --> P2 registered as hit, red bar, hitstun = 1
  • 79476 : 4 / 1 --> sparks/char bit, hitstun = 2
  • 79477 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 3
  • 79478 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 4
  • 79479 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 5
  • 79480 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 6
  • 79481 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 7
  • 79482 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 8
  • 79483 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 9
  • 79484 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 10
  • 79485 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 11
  • 79486 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 12
  • 79487 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 13
  • 79488 : 4 / 1 --> hitstun = 14
  • 79489 : 0 / 1 --> hit advantage = 1
  • 79490 : 0 / 1 --> hit advantage = 2
  • 79491 : 0 / 1 --> hit advantage = 3, P2 can do something (jump for example) so it’ll execute on last frame
  • 79492 : 0 / 0 --> P2 starts to jump

So we got:

  • startup = 3
  • hit advantage = 3

On a side note, iirc that’s not the same on OE. For this same example, sparks would appear only at 79477 while “char hit” would still happen at 79476.
Will check this again tonight if i can.


Awesome, thanks for clarifying that again! That’s interesting about the difference on OE too!

Speaking of… I wonder about certain OE chains, maybe it’s just a “game speed” issue, but for instance I can Jab Jab Short with Mak so much more consistently on FBA, GGPO, Shmup and Groovy than I can on OE. On Emu I can just double tap and be pretty sure it will combo, but on OE it feels like the pushback of Jab either happens too fast, or the chain window is just smaller, or perhaps happens 1 frame too late (making it a 50% “chance” to not combo) for that particular move… Or it’s an issue with self cancelling moves on OE? Haven’t any issues with Jab - Short, just the Jab Jab.

Probably just me messing the timing up, but I was curious if the self cancel window is the same on r608 as it is on 512. Thanks for that answer again.


My bad, i was a little wrong about the OE differences.
After checking with 120fps videos, i got (tested with Chun far HK):

  • no differences found between chars animations (sprites change at the exact same frame)
  • sparks/char hit happen at the same frame on both version
  • OE red bar happen 1 frame later than fba-rr, same frame as sparks
  • P1 super bar is filled 1 frames later on OE, same frame as red bar

That alone makes confirm harder on OE for those watching for super bar or health. (not my case)


Needing help figuring out how towards+jab combos into st mp with dudley. I tried reading the frame data from ESN’s site but i still dont quite understand if anyone can help please check it out for me. frame data pertaining to the towards jab being only +1 on hit and st mp having the 4 frame startup how does it combo? i was just in training mode then i noticed that with the correct timing the st mp would combo. I was just messing around with towards jab since its never used but it has super cancellable properties and other boxes colored in the frame data list. came up with this combo and was just curious thanks in advance :slight_smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm4sX0ZN9NY&feature=youtu.be


It’s a target combo.



0_0 totally missed that…sorry guys :frowning: thanks iso