3rd Strike Frame Data


Oro’s close forward might have two key frames for hitboxes, one up real close and the second one out more towards his knee which makes that link impossible. I don’t think his close jab has the same 5+ property so that’s probably out of the question too.


since you’re waiting the full time till the jab is done youll be as far away as the pushback sends you i imagine (for that move).
so isnt it possible his mk just doesn’t reach?

i mean think about it. that would be the kind of confirm everyone who plays oro would use all the time. have like a bajillion frames to see the jab hit and then react and if it doesn’t hit, you’re still at advantage anyway.

thats like some sf4 shit. punch/kick repeatedly until something hits then just keep pressing buttons for more damage.


I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean that it’s just hitting a frame later or something?

Close jab pushes him out far enough out that he can’t get another cs.jab without walking back in, but cs.MK activates really far away for a “close” move. It’s definitely in range, it just won’t link for some reason. If Dander is telling me that I’m just getting pushed out far enough that the MK is hitting a frame or two later, that makes sense, but it seems kind of weird.

Yeah that’s why I want to do it!

Oh well. Any idea about the parry thing?


I was saying that Oro’s jab has some push back to it, like Tebbo referenced above, and that close forward might have two key frames to it as it is with many normals in 3s. The first active frame’s hitbox is smaller in accordance with the placement of his knee at that keyframe and then grows larger, gradually, over the next subsequent frames as he lifts his thigh parallel to the ground and has his knee meet the gut. I don’t know that this is truly the case but this is how hitboxes work in 3s and thought it might help you in your quest.

So maybe if you could get the close jab to hit with the very last frame in some weird Sean roll combo maybe you could test this out. If you need to pop in relatively quickly you could try super jumping into the situation.



hitbox seems pretty consistent throughout (only seems to have 3 active frames)… maybe try it with a programmable pad?? 1 frame links to another normal are tough in 3s


Good thing I said it just might be.

It’s strange, though, because I’m certain Chun’s back fierce works the way I mentioned above but the frame data is showing me something else…


I think it was JAK that linked the youtube video showing the back fierce working that way in play. Then again, it may have been one of the europeans.

I’ll look around and get back to you.


WAIT a seond, I just checked.the frame data. You are reading that shit way wrong bro. It’s active for 1 frame on frame 3 and recovers for the 5 frame advantage you gained on hit. You have to do a 4 frame attack in 0 frames bro!

What I’m saying is that you get +5 but that’s on hit and you still have to recover -5.

The atttack is 8 frames with the exclusion of the neutral frame.

Oro lifts his arm for 2 frames,
hits on 3,
and uses the 5 frames to bring his arm back down.

So he sets up a fifty fifty parry play but cannot combo into anything else due to a lack of frames. At least it’s a neutral advantage. Perfect for baiting action out of turtles or perfect for tick grabbing.


I don’t have one, unfortunately. I’ve tried it a lot of times though. I’m usually pretty solid on 1f links, which is why this one seems weird.

Wait, what? Really? I’ve never seen frame data written that way before.

Just looked at Ken’s frame data, back+mk has 10 recovery frames, with 3 frames of advantage on crouching hit – if I read it the way you suggest, doesn’t that make it -7 on hit? That doesn’t seem right. . . how could he link it to super?


Lemme check it out.

hmm you’re right. That doesn’t seem right either. The back forward frame data would be showing that the 3 frames of advantage are after the 32 frames that make up the attack?

Alright you win, I’m as stumped as you are. Lemme check out the game restaurant link.


I can tell you right now that close jab does not offer up 10 frames of hit stun. That sounds fucking crazy.

@ESN is your website currently undergoing changes?

It’s cause back forward hits twice. I’ll still have to get back to you.


You are definitely at a +5 frame advantage on hit, but it doesn’t combo into close mk. Maybe pressing the mk button uses up one of your 5 frames of advantage (maybe someone can verify that) since a move can’t come out on the same frame you press a button (ignoring the inherent lag of the game), and you can’t press mk before you recover from the jab.


the + is always after the attack is 100% complete whatever blockstun/hitstun the opponent still has remaining before they can act again. it is 10 frames of hit/block stun. just oro is busy recovering for half of it.

and its not because back+mk hits twice or anything. just look at the viewer. turn on cancel, and have it set to view as hitting opponent.

for everything you can do that. ESN doesnt have crouching in there afaik but whiff, hit, block, etc.
turn on the cancel window.


Tebbo, would you do us the favor of explaining the back + mk frame data to us?

I may be over-thinking this particular format. So, we don’t have to do our own calculations? The hit advantage shown there ISN’T to be determined by us the reader? It’s his math?


You don’t have to do any math on esn’s site.


the math is already done since it’s really easy to do.

startup = time before hitbox generation and after move start.
active = how many frames any kind of hitbox exists for, whether it be just one which doesn’t move or multiple or whatever, as long as the move is ‘hitting’ its active.
recovery = time after active but before another action can be taken by the actor (character).
advantage = time difference between the recovery of the actor and the opponent.


In every other game I’ve looked at, if you’re given startup frames, a +1 difference indicates a 1f links, or if you’re given iframes, a +0 difference indicates a 1f link.

I know the SF4 frame data gives you iframes (i.e., they include the first active frame in the “startup” frames). If you take a look at the SF4 frame data for Ryu, you’ll see that c.MP is +5 on hit, and c.HK is 5f startup. In that game, c.MP, c.HK is a 1f link.

The idea that pushing a button uses up a frame in 3S is making sense to me though. ESN says that ken back+MK is +2 on hit, +3 on crouchers, and that SA3 is 1f startup. Back+MK, SA3 only works on crouchers, right?


For ESN’s website you have to add +1 to the start up data for supers.(+2 if you want to know which frame it’s active.).

For normals and specials it’s just +1 if you want to add the active frame.

@esn whenever you get a chance you should correct the supers since clearly a lot of people that are non-japanese speakers use your site.


You don’t need to add 1 to gigas, ex aegis, or (maybe) ibuki sa2 right?


@isotopez‌ game restaurant has gigas, ex aegis, and ibuki sa2 listed as 1 / 0 / 1

Game restaurant follows the same denotation ESN site is suppose to use (start up frame doesn’t include the active frame)


The answer is ex spinning bird kick invincible frames do not exstend to her first active hit frame of the move so that is why it can get stuffed by moves that stay active longer than ex bird is out on the screen.


No, that is not the correct answer.

Chun’s EX SBK can be hit during the invincible frames by super moves, even the first couple frames when Chun should be invincible. It has nothing to do with active frames and invincible frames, super moves will beat EX moves. Anyway, I don’t really need you to try and explain to me some wrong information about something I figured out over 8 years ago, so here’s a video demonstrating what I already know: https://youtu.be/udwrJBiVJas