3rd Strike Frame Data


I believe it’s 60fps.





It’s going to be the reference website for non japanese 3s players, that’s for sure!


I’m putting up videos demonstrating something every Wednesday. Weekly updates! Hurray!


excellent site. i can’t even imagine how much hard work you’ve put into this. for a 3S newb such as myself, this helps a great deal to learn the advanced points of any character.

thanks again.


Okay, I found a hosting company that gives me more bandwidth that I’m currently getting for the same price, so I’m switching hosting companies. I don’t know how long the downtime will be, but I’ll get it up again as soon as possible!


Noooo! Why did you have to do it right before a Wednesday?


Don’t worry! The transistion is going better than anticipated. The site is already up, but the DNS changes probably haven’t propogated too all the different ISP’s DNS servers yet. You should be able to see it by tommorrow. Unfortunately I’m running out of weird stuff to put up as vids of the week. So untill further notice, i’m going to start putting up my favorite Jap 3S matches that I have, mostly from the 2 coops and shirube. Tommorrow I’ll put up 2 in celebration of my newfound bandwidth! :smiley:


Now the site has forums for all your feedback needs! :stuck_out_tongue:


Some of you have probably noticed that the website is down. I went a little of the bandwidth last month, and I thought I would just be billed more, but that’s obviuosly not the case. I’m trying to get it back up but they haven’t contacted me yet and I’ve already sent them an email so all I can do for now is wait.


Update, asshats killed my site:

"Your website was disabled for executing 200 http queries per second and 78 FTP login attempts per second which degrades server performance for others located on this machine. In our shared enviroment, this is considered abuse of system resources and results in account deactivation.

Your account will not be removed from our network just yet, as we are attepting to determine if this abuse was intentional or caused by someone else that is trying to wreak havoc on your site. I will post more when i have completed my investigation "

There you have it.


The dream is over?


I’m just over my bandwidth, the site should be back on the 1st of november.


Streak, you should use Bit Torrent. saves your bandwidth and you’ll never crash. your site is soo useful and the crashes make me cry because they can be avoided. hit me up at bustkaratedojo.net if you need the hook-up. peace.


Small question…

I’m a bit confused by the recovery column. Is that how many frames total (including to hit + hit frames) to recover after doing a move, or is it that many frames AFTER the hit frames?




Doomo arigatoo

Was exactly what I was assuming. Just wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:


No, it is 64fps for CPS3 and the DC.


hey i just noticed this on the frame data page for remy there seems to be 2 sets of frame data for ex low lov and ex high lov…

one set has block advantage of +4 and the moves alternate from 8 start up for ex high lov and 9 for ex low lov

the second set doesnt have any blocked advantage and the ex low lov comes out in 8 frames?

which one is the correct frame data?


They refer to each of the two LoVs he throws during an EX. The High/Low listed after Jab, Strong, Fierce is punch EX, the other is kick EX.