3rd Strike General Discussion Thread


Discuss anything 3rd Strike related here and don’t be a buster.


I miss 3rd strike yun.


You guys should try posting a new thread from a phone some time. The mobile version of SRK is set up kinda whack. Started by posting this thread in the newbie forum.


Funny thing is that when I post from my phone using the Opera Browser I can sometimes hit one of those Like/LOL buttons and sometimes it won’t let me. Auto-correct is a piece of shit too.

Anywho… I remember Ryan going on about Dudley doing t.MK into SA and my problem with that is that his t.MK doesn’t have a lot of hitstun. So, if I want to beat a buffered Parry or wakeup Parry I basically have to assume that they’re going to Parry the MK because I can’t react if they block.

[details=Spoiler] Also, this game looks good. I don’t know why it got my attention.



That just means you can’t hitconfirm f.MK. Just hit training mode and work on it. It’s funny because f.HK overhead link is the same amount of hitstun, but f.MK feels easier to land.


I don’t get why Dudley would be worried about someone parrying towards forward. if he’s spaced where shorts and towards roundhouse are both a threat I don’t think many people would be looking to parry at a time that would catch it.


Dudley’s got the moves


Yo, Twelve is fun as hell to use.


lance goin ham today. :slight_smile:
also where did this buster lingo come from.


Pretty sure I stole it from Ryan

Since I am white I started off not knowing what it means, but I’ve found urban dictionary to be a valuable resource. Once I looked it up I knew it was exactly the word we needed.


Everyone I know learned it from GTA: San Andreas.



Isn’t Buster urban media slang? Like, in a TLC song or something didn’t she say she didn’t want a buster or a scrub?

Y’all scrubs


No Busters? Alaska must hate PBS or something. Can’t blame you though, jokes like this are why a lot of supporting characters in Arthur are hated :wasted:

I scream for Ice-Cream: SRK ICE CREAM THREAD

Not buster sword Cloud 1997 nonsense?

Already about the bastard swords of Castlevania:SOTN by then.


Arthur is (was?) a good show! I really appreciate thoughtful children’s entertainment.

Final Fantasy 7! I kinda wanna play that again and see how well it holds up. Haven’t touched an RPG in years but those were my games of choice into my late teens. Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, I’m sure there’s others I’m forgetting.


The black community has used various terms to define a punk:
buster, lame, chump, chumpette, brick, LD… Many (not all) of these terms have crossed racial boundaries… God forbid you consider other African dialects in the discussion. Then the list becomes insane.
There’s others but much of my repertoire has faded over time.


you forgot scrub


So it’s possible to unhear some of it? I understand the need for subjugation of criminals but of criminality in any and all aspects simply out of “respect” for some death god? Nope. A deathgod would ask so much to receive an equal bearing of sweet and sour.

All my nopes. That’s too much shit talk and too many flowers are gonna get trampled. Let’s make the desert more deserty instead. Like an oasis! Hey look! No, lambastion state here!


Nah… From my memory (so 1st person perspective, take that with some salt) was not introduced to that word until the FGC… Maybe some cross contamination across cultures there. Probably can’t link that back to the hood or the barrio.