3rd Strike General Discussion Thread


Anyone know where I can find that video with Rom stumbling drunk where he says “play third strike it’s the good game”?


Well. he basically says ‘i have no idea’.
but really i don’t think twelve is as bad as he’s thought to be. i think he’s suffered because not many people use him. so not much has changed over a decade.


Is it just me or is Blue Nocturne the worst goddamn super in this entire game? I seriously can’t think of a super that sucks more than that outside of maybe Total Destruction.


I’d say Total Destruction adds another layer to the Q strategy. Everyone changes their play style to some degree when you activate Q SA3. More times than not it’s a defensive/runaway mindset for the opponent: they end up giving a lot of space for a Q player to finish taunts or get a breather from aggressive players. Lots of opportunity to punish with standard moves because some get so preoccupied with avoiding getting grabbed. Though I’ve never been good enough to claim it is true, apparently Q can be lethal to opponents he corners. An opponent knocked into the corner with Q activating SA3 usually makes the opponent go batshit on wanting out of the corner even more so.


generally yes but there is a player that chooses SA3 specifically against Q when the Q player uses SA1 to go through LOVs. On reaction Remy SA3 hard counters Q SA1. Look up YOU Remy to see what Im talking about. Its pretty cool!

SA3 Alex vs Oro and SA2 Tweleve vs Remy are similar single matchup super choices. I made a thread about these supers a few years back but its probably buried quite deep by now.


There’s also Jirou picking Akuma’s SA2 in some matchups.
Never really understood the point of Alex SA3 vs Oro


that’s such a funny and incredibly specific trade off.

q sa1 can blow through lov, remy sa3 can activate before q sa1 hits.

outside q using sa1 in a combo the net result is like neither has super lol.

i’ve always wanted to find something special out about sa3. but i haven’t…

there’s probably still stuff to it.
maybe the secret is really to use projectiles to activate it and then watch remy fly across the stage like an idiot.


So the remy matchup where the opponent uses sa3 against me, they never use it to punish my sa1 through the lovs. It’s usually a blind guess if I’m going to attack. That’s a good way to use Remy’s sa3 to counter the Q sa1.

Maybe one could also use it off a red parry in the middle of an opponent attack that can’t stop (like Dudley machine gun) or punish lightning legs. For a Q to nullify that sa3 punish would require super human reflexes to catch the remy at point blank mid projectile animation.


you think a random guess is a good idea?
yeah any parry situation vs multi-hit attacks, sure. it’s just not worth it and in all cases you rely on your opponent’s choice, not yours.


Random guesses are never a good idea at high level. Not sure how a remy can utilize the sa3 outside of some crafty red parry. It can be done it sucks online but offline could be doable for the commited remy player.


also 99% of the situations where SAIII works… SAII does the same thing, on top of its other uses and 2 stocks.
SAIII would have been serviceable if it didn’t have the super flash on startup and did more damage.


SA3s in general are the weirdo ones for most characters. They usually do something different than what the character can do normally.

so they usually suck or are character defining.
there’s no saving blue nocturne lol. the solution is to remove it entirely and give remy the sick ass donkey kick he does during it as a special move.


Vs Chun mostly … he sacrifices zoning for damage

Some set-up are unescapable for Oro .


it works kind of well for Jiros style. You can connect SA2 after hitting people with dive kick even at its highest point, similar to HP SRK.

Also for Alex, my understanding is it has more to do with being able to react punish fireballs with Stungun


But when really? Ken has to be at least as slow as oro is with his fireball.



yo wtf MOV playin arms.


oh gawd… I cant believed what I just saw… :o


the game actually looks really good.
you just need to see it without the whole fighting game kind of veneer they’ve put on it. it’s a dueling shooter. like duelmod in tribes and also a lot like shootmania where you can defend yourself by shooting the opponents shots.

once you look at it like that, as a duel style shooter with fighting game elements, it’s pretty sweet.

MOV playing it is funny. Of course he would use the guy who can low profile everything just like scum-li.


If I jump in on a Ken or Chun with an attack, and they parry the jump in, do they now get a gaurenteed C.MK into super? If so is there any way around this? (Such as down parry?)

Omg this looks amazing. Nintendos Virtual On.


If its a RH far and high away , the low forward from Ken/Chun shouldn’t reach.
If its a deep RH, Ken/Chun shouldn’t be able to punish with a cr.mk