3rd Strike General Discussion Thread


Where are Gill and Shin Gouki on the tier list?


just below me


What is the best platform/most active scene for this game? 360, PS3 or Fightcade?


360 has the majority of the active tourney players who will play online, but a smaller overall playerbase so you have to join the xbl 3s facebook chat or happen to meet the right people to start getting invited to the private lobbies.

PS3 has more active players but the average skill level is a bit lower. A lot of the strong players on PS3 have mostly migrated to 360 in the last year.

Fightcade has a large playerbase and because of the format it’s easiest to get games and communicate there. There’s noticeable input delay especially if you play on LCD or an OS more modern than XP (I hear from friends that windows 8 and 10 are both especially unpleasant). The playerbase is large and has a wide variety of skill levels. There’s low level players, mid level players, some good players who also play on 360, and some good players you can only play on fightcade. if you’re just trying to find someone to play it’s much easier to find people in fightcade since the playerbase is much larger and the way the program is set up is easier to do matchmaking.

What works for me is to play 360 usually, and play fightcade when there’s someone specific to fightcade I wanna play.


Pre-TFC streaming tonight featuring familiar Japanese and American faces


thanks for the heads up.


TFC Stream. I believe Exodus will be streaming today and tomorrow while Bifuteki will be streaming Top 8 on Sunday



Get hyped for 3rd Strike on Steam.

Maybe too good to be true. They’ll fuck this up somehow with a shitty netcode or something.
But I guess we can have some hope.


Good time for this:



These forums are closing down soon, so I felt like I needed to say goodbye somewhere. Wish I put more time into this game, but thanks for everything guys.


Anniversary Edition is around the corner but no old men posting on the Third Strike forums will be there to tell them console/online sucks in all caps.
Nice knowing you all…

P.S. Only real men play on cab


So, does anyone know if there is some way to backup the content from the forums?
I feel we should archive it while we can, since it will be lost in January


Not sure, I would like to think so. @Crayfish archived some useful threads before, maybe he can assist in the matter and offer a small bit of wisdom


To archive threads they need to enable ‘show printable version’ and also help to have option to ‘show 10.000 posts on one page’. These are the things that allowed me to archive threads as either .txt documents or better, as web archives .mht using internet explorer (tho i think some other browsers have plug ins to save .mht docs now too).


This forum isn’t closing after all, right? We can still discuss 3rd Strike here right? This place will be lively and vibrant again when 30th Anniversary comes out, right? Right? :expressionless:


i hope so. i can’t stand SFV so i’m pinning all my hopes on this 30th Anniversary thing. wouldn’t be surprised at all if Capcom fucked up the port or the netcode or both but one can dream.



anybody still here?


Oh. It’s still alive.


May can’t come soon enough.