3rd Strike, GGXX and other games on 3/17 and 3/31 in NYC, free

Hey, guys. My anime club’s running two free events, and we’d like you to come down. They’re both totally free, and there’s gonna be prizes at the second one (the one at March 31)

Let me just paste from the site, it’ll explain everything. BTW, we’ll have many game tournaments and other contests at our convention on March 31st, all of which will have prizes that you can win.

The Mini-Mini-Con will be held on March 17, 2006
in the awfully comfortable Regna Lounge at Polytechnic University.
We’ll be setting up as much entertainment as we can for you, and it’ll
be totally free!

Entertainment like…

Dance Dance Revolution
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Anime Showings
and more!

The event will begin at 12 and end at 8. Afterwards, a large group of us will go out for dinner, and you’re welcome to join us.

Directions to Polytechnic University can be found here at
http://www.poly.edu/directions/ When you arrive, let the security
staff know you’re here for our event.

Of course, this isn’t all that we’ll be doing this year. The
Mini-Mini-Con is just a preview of our flagship event, the Spring
Festival! The Spring Festival will be held on March 31, the last
Saturday of the month. It’ll be a lot like the Mini-Mini-con… except
it’s much, much better. It’ll be from 10 AM-8 PM, and it’ll occupy 8
rooms in Polytechnic University. We’ll have lots of great anime to
show you, plenty of prizes to give out, and tons of interesting
original events.

What kind of original events?

Anime Karaoke - Now you’re the star! Sing your favorite music (any
song at all) on a real karaoke set.
Live Dubbing - What if you were a voice actor in a dubbed anime?
LOL, Internet! - The internet is a funny place. Come and enjoy some of
the Internet’s best humor.
Game Development - Learn how to develop your own games with a powerful
and easy-to-use engine.
Ramune Drinking Contest - How many bottles of Ramune can you open and
drink in 3 minutes?
M:TG Tutorial - Learn the basics of Magic: The Gathering, one of the
most popular games in the world.
Anime Jeopardy - A two-hour quiz show about everything anime! Test
your knowledge for prizes.
Doujin Games - Ever wondered about those games made by a small,
independent team with a lot of heart? Learn about them here (includes
Touhou Project Games)
Mecha RPGs - You can be in an epic war story, with three factions
fighting for control of space with their Gundams. Learn about the game
and how you can become a player.
can you get? How hot can your blood become? With Prizes!
Anime Improv - Ever seen “Who’s line is it Anyway”? Play it with an
anime spin. Find out what happens if Goku and Bobobo met at a pizza
store in the 1930’s?

And these tournaments!

Magic: The Gathering
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Guilty Gear XX
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Dance Dance Revolution

We’ll have a complete schedule up for you soon. You can bring as many
friends as you like with you to either event - more is always merrier,
especially when you’re at an anime convention. If you can’t make it
for this Saturday, I hope to see you at our main event on March 31st.

If you have any issues, suggestions, concerns, messages, or poems,
feel free to send me an email, and I’ll try to respond as best I

See you soon!

Where exactly is this? And Does GGXX = Slash?

lol…you better bring ur modded ps2 or i can bring my jap ps2…actually it would be cool if me and you went so then we can like face scrubs and feel like we are the godlike people for once lol…and then when they see us play the finals they will be all mesmerzied!!!


lol, which one of you is this? This is josh from the gym.

Hey, Josh! This is Chris.

Anyway, yes, the tournament will be running GGXX Slash. If you guys want to bring your modded/japanese PS2s, that would be great. That way, we can have more machines running the game, if necessary.

The school is near the Brooklyn Bridge, on the Brooklyn side.

Are there any notable players coming to this? Not to sound arrogant or anything but I don’t wanna travel just to beat up on scrubs.

you are a scrub what are you talking about :rofl:

LOL JustinW does it all the time…if anything do it for the money!!! Wit my luck someone else would have the same idea as me and ill lose to a random cliff or justice or ex sol bad guy

Doubt it.

Also, how the **** do I not know about this.

I’m coming to this. I’ll take my money thx.

Ok…not really.

Maybe, I wanna play Arcana Crack though…>.<

What are the prizes and rules for these tournaments?

The prizes are yet-to-be-determined, but there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The format of the tournaments will change based on how many entrants there are (each tournament is allocated 2 hours).

The schedule is up for viewing at www.pasweb.info . The event’s free, so bring as many friends as you like.

See you then!