3rd Strike has made me realize how much SFIV sucks

I agree with this. Only reason I still play SF4 is because Gen is a cool character, he’s like a swiss army knife…so many tools.


Oh Third Strike is way better, no contest. Unlike SF4, it was made purely with the fighting game player in mind, which of course is one reason it failed financially, the others being that fighters were not a very popular genre at the time and arcades were dying. I’ll give SF4 credit for revitalizing the fighting game genre, even though it’s just a boat load of mashing casuals. Other than that, 3s has better game mechanics, more interesting characters and is overall more solid, EXCEPT for balance, and more fun to play.

Fuckin’ signed. I HATE this shit in SF4, almost even more than the shortcut inputs and easy reversal windows. It’s retarded that the hitbox and the animation frame of the move can be way off, it just makes no sense. I like to think myself as a footsie and spacing kind of player and that shit has made me lose a match so many times that every time it happens, I degenerate to the level of a monkey who just screams and throws his shit at the TV. Normals also lack priority because of Capcom’s idiotic decision to add 500 invincibility frames to every special move, this of course coupled with the said easy inputs and reversal windows, you get a shit sundae you either slurp and smile, or don’t play at all. I personally choose the later.

This I can’t really sign, as I think it’s about 50-50. If only walk speed is measured, then Akuma in SF4 is way faster than any character in 3s. All shotos, in fact, feel generally faster in SF4 compared to 3s. Chun is definetly faster, twins and Dudley feel about the same and Makoto is still slow as shit, you get the picture. But the most biggest differance in movement between the two games is dashing. Dashing feels very sluggish in SF4 compared to 3s. I’d say about 80% of the characters have very slow and long dashes with only Abel, Fei, Seth, Chun and Rose being good dashers from the top of my head, compared to 3s where most characters have a very fast and short dash that covers ground quickly. The inclusion of invincibility frames on backdashes in SF4 creates it’s own set of wonkiness in dashing, but mostly I feel it’s for the good as you can actually dodge shit with it instead of praying you did like in 3s.

lol , sf4 is so shit . It doesn’t matter what you like and don’t like , even if you like shit …it’s still just shit . (oxymoron…i know…but dont care)

Like a few people have already said third strike just has that flow which somehow alienates you from your surroundings and really plugs your brain into the match your playing and your able to comprehend so many different situations and mind games and mixups in such a limited amount of time and all this without even thinking , it’s almost as if the game prompts you do stuff that you just ‘feel’ is right . I can’t really explain it and it might sound over the top , but sf4 never really engaged me like that .

Just so you know, it is not just SF3 players who feel this way about SF4. I’ve never played any SF3 game (stopped at SF2: Turbo), but I felt the same way. Other games make you feel like the character is an extension of yourself when you get good enough.

Maybe I haven’t played enough SF4, but when I have to get into a “rhythmic, slow” motion of inputs to do a combo after a hectic series of exchanges, it really kills the feel of the game. It makes me disconnect and remind myself I have this controller that I have to be mindful of, and that I have to do not only the moves correctly, but I have to do it within an arbitrarily-designed timing scheme.

I’d really like some of what you guys are smoking.

In any case, these vs threads are stupid. Some people prefer certain types of games to others. Big deal. If you want to discuss the flaws of other games, there are forums for that.

The pace of SF4 is a bit different when playing on an arcade cabinet with a CRT. I agree that it is a slow game but the input delay online makes it seem slower than it actually is.

A forum is to discuss opinions. I don’t see why people have to complain about it.

Also, if you’ve ever fallen for an optical illusion (which is unavoidable, lol), then you’ve experienced the same thing. It’s part of being human, lol, so get over yourself.

Again, opinion.

I mean that if people wanna discuss SFIV they can do it here:

I’ve never thought of any of the characters I’ve played in any FG to be an extension of myself, and I don’t see how anyone could call someone like that an optical illusion. Fighting games are fun, but let’s not go overboard here…

yh true , but even if i liked sf4 it wouldn’t mean that it’s not shit .

Actually, “X vs Y: which game is better?” threads usually get locked so it’s best to avoid going in that direction and just point out things you like Third Strike over SF4.

That said, SF4 is fine for what it is. If it isn’t your style, don’t play it. Small hitboxes, funky reelback, shit dashes, long stages, invincibility on everything, OSs out the wazoo, all that is what makes SF4 SF4. It’s not like any SF games is void of weird head scratching stuff lol.

no it doesn’t

Uhh, I like 3S and don’t really like SF4, but really don’t think it’s Hitler bad. Is this ok?

Honestly, I like SF4…and I think it’s shit. :tup:

I’m not a big fan of either games, and prefer to play ST, EX2+, or Alpha 2. I do like 2I though.

Am I still cool?

Oh, I was unaware where this post was located.

As far as “extension of myself” is concerned, don’t take things so literally. It’s to convey a feeling, or rather, a lack of. In other words, have you ever found yourself not being conscious of your controller or hand/body actions (ala typing/walking)? When you aren’t devoting any conscious thought to an action, that is basically treating it as an extension of yourself, in the same way you are not actively moving an unmoving optical illusion.

Unless you are some god-like being, you need to get over yourself and realize you are human like the rest of us and susceptible to the same things. And that’s okay, it’s not a bad thing. Really, geez.

You mean like muscle memory? Yeah I have that in many games.

touche… vocabulary fail on my part.

Man If I ever saw a thread fishing for likes, this is the one. Its not cool to hate SFIV and like 3s.

Yeah, I came to realize that I too favor 3S heavily over 4. The first sign that something was off in 4 was that I wasn’t having any fun learning or playing the game. I played a bit of A2/ST/3S before 4 and I liked all of them. 4 I found to be quite boring. At high level play it can be interesting but if I don’t really like playing the game, why would I put in time to become really good? Everything about 4 feels like a chore. Characters feel mediocre as shit. I don’t think 4 is a horrible POS game but I just don’t have any fun playing it at all. I remember hearing that Akuma is this offensive monster in 4 and when I watch matches, it’s like the players are scared as shit to fight until they get an untechable knockdown. Whereas in 3S and other installments, you FIGHT. There’s always been respecting your opponent, their meter, options, etc, but in 4 it’s like a serious pace killer.

4 has some interesting things. Kiryu is my favorite Guy player hands down. Bullcat’s Gouken is a treat to watch. Poongko’s Seth is amazing. Seeing someone play a good in your face Guile is entertaining but 4 feels like you just have to weather a storm the entire time. And it’s not like I hate defensive play. I highly respect anyone who can play a damn good Dhalsim. Hell, Sagat is one of my favorite SF characters as well. I guess it’s because I’ve always favored a more aggressive style of combat. Everything about 4 comes off as slow. The game itself, even things like the horrid dull as shit soundtrack. Maybe instead of sticking to Akuma, I should have tried Yun/Yang/Rufus/Guy?