3rd Strike: Hugo thread

I tried him out and he seems to me like he can be a versatile character…but you gotta be good at parrying, which can be easy to learn I guess, tips? Combos? Strats? Matchups?

If you can’t parry, you’re gonna get murdered in certain matchups, like against Remy or Urien.

His best offense IMO is advancing with s. strongs and c. forwards, cause they have mad range.

On wakeup, wakeup with a fierce Clap, then do something like 2 jab claps, UOH, low parry, see what happens, etc.

Learn to do the standing 360, which is from back to up/towards…very similar to tiger knee.

His best anti-air is s. strong and the air grab and c. fierce. The air grab has VERY good suckage factor. I’ve been grabbed out of UOH’s. It also does very good damage. And this brings me to his B&B:

His B&B IMO is parry into wall throw, then rh air grab. His ghetto B&B’s are c. jab x 3, and strong clap, then s. strong.

His j. rh has mad priority and range, so expect it to beat SRK’s and Remy’s flash kick. J. forward is also very good jumpin and is also great. His j. strong should be used as anticipatory anti-air.

His jab SPD should be used as a counter for players who peck away at you with jabs, shorts, strongs, and UOH’s in an irregular pattern (read: poking strings, not combos) because it interrupts the smallest poking patterns and does a lot of damage.

His best super IMO is the Super II, because any close parry equals wall throw xx SuperII. And you have 2 supers. Can also be used as anti-air. SuperI is great and there are many setups that i will not list cause u generally get a liking for yourself after you experiment. SuperIII is also great, it combos off of c. short and s. short, and c/s. jab x 1/2/3 (3 maybe). It also has invincibility frames.

Note: Gigas will LOSE to Necro’s super grab and Alex’s Hyper Bomb (Alex, I’m not 100% sure, Necro I’m 100% sure cause I’ve done it to a Hugo player who did not know this).

When you parry close, the thing you should mostly go for is wall throw xx air throw if you don’t have meter, c. short xx SuperI if you use that super, or Gigas is you use SuperI; or wall throw xx SuperII if you use that one.

His d + fierce is crossup and has lotta priority. You can do crossup splash, c. jab x 2, crossup splash, c. jab x 2, parry low, wall throw, SuperII…etc.

Finally, his taunt raises his defense and power (power, i’m not sure of), and max 4 taunts maxes him out.

That is all i can think of now, without being too complicated.

How would I beat people who are range based like Twelve?

Haha, my friend has trouble with Twelve also when he uses Hugo. Anyway, I think one thing to do is jump in with rh. If they depend on anti-airs, then this will most likely trade, and in your favor. So keep doing it, along with the splash. If you can parry, then by all means just jump in, parry, and do whatever. What exactly are you having trouble with? Is 12 keeping you at bay with his s. rh, and s. fierce when you jump? If you explain more in detail, I can help you better.

Is there any way to do his secound taunt(the one were poison comes out) on the dreamcast version of third strike?

oh yeah, also does anybody know if Hugo’s charging closeline is fast enough to punish a blocked or parried roundhouse from 12, or any other far reaching normals for that matter.
It seems that I can parry them but I just can’t punish them for throwing it out. That leads to a lot of runaway matches:bluu:


EX one, probably, normal, probably not. Depends on the distance from your opponent. Why even bother though, just c. forward, s. strong, or SuperI. Then again, if you like what you’re doing keep on doing it. About the taunt, just keep holding it and press down for her to come out.

I’ve been doing the c. forward but they catch on and just parry it,I’ve tried the s. strong but it doesn’t usually connect at all they just block or duck it (expecting the c. forward I assume:o ) maybe I’m just doing it to slow.


you can ‘store’ 360’s. So you can do a 360. Walk forward, and 360 again and it’ll count as a 720.

so you could buffer 360 into a whiffed s.mp, and walk forward a bit, and do another 360.

Poison Personal Action is up+FP+RK.

Another helpful thing is to learn when you can do a 360. An example would be after the second uppercut of Dudley’s Rocket Upper you can do a normal throw, and 360, or a 720. It’s funny when a dudley tries to finish you off with some chip damage, but instead you pull out a 720 and 70% damage. More important than anything, learn to red parry.

Hey, just wondering, where do you live? What state? Oh, you can also just parry the 3rd set of his Rocket Uppercut super and then do his wall throw, Megaton Press.

d+HP is something a lot of people forget about when fighting against airborn Twelve’s, but due to it’s lag that’s probably why.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to kara 360’s?

Yes it is possible to kara 360s and it is even possible to kara his Gigas out of a standing mk.
Infact most grab moves and grab supers can be kara canceled IE Hyper bomb , Gigas, Slam Dance.

Hey SrWilson, how’s it going?

NEways, I’ve been trying to do kara 360 with MP but it just won’t come out, always slap, best with MK?

Hi nowt much really since absolution check yer pms when you have a chance i have something for you to post on.

regarding Hugo Yes his MK is his best kara cancel.

hugo is my favorite and my best character in 3s… so i will like to help:)

since i play with sooo many people that play rush down game here… i’m kinda forced to play a defensive hugo…

when i play… i do lots of jabs and strongs to poke and keep the opponent away… i always look to 360/720 when the opponent gets up since it can’t be parried… um… i really don’t know where to start… i guess… learn how to set up your opponent for 360’s (there are many)… um… parrying is good since it usually means free 360/720… um. how 'bout u ask me about something specific?

if u want to see a hugo vid that i made… i need a place to host the file since it’s 30 MB… (i’m no video expert so i don’t know how to compress it anymore)

learn the distance of hugo’s jumping fp, it has tremendous reach and will catch fireballers when they don’t expect it…

I’ve been playing Hugo for a long time. I’m most comfortable using him. (Dudley is the practice dummy)

Anyway, my favorite combo with him is wall throw, HP clap xx Megaton Press.

Super two is an effective one and is tied in first with super I as my favorite. It has good stun, unlike the Gigas Beaker. It does about half stun gauge. Attack data shows it doing 66 damage.

Wall throw into s. HP is good stun, too. I BELIEVE it does more stun than a back breaker, and the same damage. They both do a total of 34 points damage.

Another (hard to connect) combo that’s possible is HP clap, LP clap xx Hammer Frenzy. It does 63 points, but does more than half stun. I think about 75-80 %.

If you do his long taunt (Hold HP+HK, just in case some people didn’t know) you make his throws stronger instead of just attacks. After doing this, Gigas Breaker does 100 points.

His number of overheads rocks. s. HP, s. HK, c. HK (It’s not an OH right when it starts, though, but it has uses), and second hit of s. MK, but I don’t use that for OH, really . . .

A couple strats:

Ducking in c.MK range and mixing up between that and d.HK since d.HK is OH and if they go for a low parry it’ll surprise them.

If someone blocks a standing MP from up close, you can Gigas them. It wont work more than once, though.

Any clap into meat squasher (360+K). It keeps pressure on. s. or c.LK into meat squasher also works, but the hit or block stun off of the claps makes me like those more since it leaves a smaller window for them to counter. They can just hit up if it’s predictable, though. You could always do a clothesline (To counter jumping), c. MK and UOH after to make them guess how to defend after a clap.

hey it’s nice to meet up with other hugo players here… i guess i’ll post some of my strategies before they get posted by other hugo players :cool:

i would always try to corner my opponent and pressure them as hugo has a very deadly corner game… if the opponent tries to jump u can get them with a air grab very quickly… hugo’s low pokes and standing strong are very good for keeping ur opponent in the corner… this sets them up for dash in->360 or just a simple crouching short->meat squasher

i also try to do hugo’s neutral throw (choke) a lot when i have my opponent cornered… as it does good stun damage and there are many ways to continue your attack as u can juggle them for 1 more hit to reset after the throw… if u use 2nd super/3rd super u can also super them right after the choke but it does very little damage… if u manage to stun your opponent during the choke… that equals an automatic 7 hit juggle which does a lot of damage for a stun combo

u can also 360 your opponent after they block/get hit by a crouching jab or crouching strong (u have to be right next to them)… this is a good move to do as u can mix it up with crouching jab->claps

1st time: jump in, splash (crossover), crouching jab->clap
2nd time: jump in, splash (crossover), crouching jab->360

splash (crossover), crouching strong is a 2 hit combo, so after they get hit, u can 360 them

Two powerful hugo “things” I have seen are:

Kara 720/360: WOW - Some idiot decides to crouch next to you, the throw comes out in 1 frame, leaving the guy 1 frame to stand a jump (which he can’t). <EDIT>No crap about how its too hard to justify the damage. Doing stuff like this is what makes getting good at the game fun.</EDIT>

Dash cancel his clap move: This is really cool, you do Hugos clap move, dash cancel in while the oponent is in block stun and throw (360/720). Awsome mixup. Also its garunteed if they are crouching.

Poking with Hugo works pretty well, but his plethora of throws are where its at.

Those are just two tricks. The best way to get good at 3S is to play and ADAPT. Also watching videos helps get some ideas, but only ideas. Only you can determine how your Hugo will be played. Mimicking someone elses style is probably the wrong aproach to 3S.

How can you kara the 360??? I dont understand all the concept of kara throw