3rd Strike - In hindsight

S-kill has in his old column that 3S was not his taste due to the parry system destroying some of the tension with the paper/scissors/rock and boring turtling he considered the game to devolve into. I remember there were a lot of people who vehemently defended 3S on that thread when the articles got reposted.

Since the 3S scene has been building in the US and internationally since the end of EVO 2003, and still seems to be going strong(record number of international teams in SBO2007), it seems that many of the preconcieved criticisms of the game were untrue, especially about the matches becoming boring to watch at high level play.

BTW how many of the OG Cali players still play 3S regularly? I recall Calipower came out of ‘retirement’ to bust a few heads. What about Apoc? And Afrocole?

Hmm looks like this post has turned into another one of my senile old man ramblings.

Afrocole plays (or played) Urien I believe. You can see him play in one of the old FFA ranbats. I think there was an FFA best bout vid with Emphy that also featured him.

Valle and Cole both play 3S, but from what I’ve heard they don’t prefer it.

My views on the game are pretty obvious.

From what I heard you pretty much suck at this game.

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Actually Cole has stated that 3s is the best SF of all time.

Until I recently got back into fighting games, I hadn’t been to the site (besides GD forum) in years, and back then, 3s wasn’t even on the map, it was all Marvel/A3/CvS2. Weird how it changed; when I came back, everyone hated on A3 and 3s was the game to play.

I personally prefer ST or CvS2 over 3s.

Oh yeah, you’re right, I remember something about Cole saying that.

From what I heard about you, you… oh. Right.

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Yeah Wtf I know right. People who eat cucumbers aren’t very good at 3S. Yeah I said it.

that was a beastly comeback

fun game esp if you like cheap shit, but not as cheap as some other games i think.

I don’t get it :frowning:

3rd strike sucks? You have awful taste in games then.

stop picking on the Q player.

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Eh, I dont see how any of his criticisms became untrue, especially high level play being boring to watch. Other than watching matches of characters I play, I don’t get much enjoyment out of watching matches at all.

The popularity of 3s doesn’t really prove any of the early criticisms wrong, unless someone said along the way that 3s will never get popular. The only thing really proven by 3s being so popular is that people like 3s for what it is and what it isn’t, but popularity is not a function of depth of gameplay.

Heh, yeah yeah.

watching other people play street fighter on you tube is…well… you know…

in hindsight I wish I had started playing a looong time ago