3rd strike? is it even possible to catch up?

Ok I have only been playing street fighter semi-competitively(haven’t been to a tournament yet) since street fighter 4 came out last year and consider myself to be a semi decent akuma.

I finally got myself onto ggpo and while I am having lots of fun I have won maybe 2 out of 150 matches I have played on it so far with most of those matches being double perfects or nearly prefects against me.

So I looked around on the srk wiki and started to train akuma with my newly built mame training mode(thank god for the cheats) thinking that this would help as that is what I did the get better at SF4. After practicing in mame I still lost a ton of matches and didnt really seem to get any better and still got destroyed by everyone.

Is it even possible to catch up at this point? and if it is what should I be doing to try and get better?

Thanks for you help.

Understand the mechanics first, execution comes next. Each SF has it’s own playstyle, you gotta understand how 3s plays first. Go watch some vids on youtube, and see what they do.

If your fundamentals are tuned well enough and you can deal with getting scraped for a few (I’m guessing 4) months then no it is never too late. If you’re stupid, have poor footsies/zoning/are yi wang then no you should just give up.

This isn’t marvel, you actually have to think in this game, so if you’re at least good at that you should be fine.

I would recommend stop playing sf4 for a while and focus on 3s if you really wanna get better. I’m not saying give up on sf4 I’m just saying don’t play it for a bit because you WILL mix up certain situations while learning 3s and that will not bode well for you.

There are some very good players on GGPO.

Even some top regional players on there.

I think it’s possible to play catch up, but you have to understand the fundamentals of the game first.

Turn your 150 matches in to 1500 matches with the best players you can find on GGPO, watch videos of top Akuma players, try to understand his match ups, learn his set-ups, kara demon, combos, tricks, SGGK.

And above all analyze your mistakes and loses.

Needless to say but I will anyway.

3s is a very difficult game, you will plateau and it will be daunting to continue your progress in the game. If you have local tournaments attend them, if you don’t, stick to GGPO and try to make it out to a major that’s running 3s.

Also there is a 3s portion of this forum, go and check it out, there are tons of match videos posted in there as well as character threads and various other info.


I definitely wish 3S would have had a bigger american footprint, I can’t believe I hadn’t even heard of it. I love the fight style of it but, I don’t think I could ever be as good as most of those GGPO players.

*It’s not too late to get involved in playing 3rd strike. I myself played the game for years on the dreamcast beating up on the computer with my scrub Akuma. I had learned his BNB’s thanks to eventhubs but you’re ahead of the curve since you’ve already played him in SF4 for a good amount of time so you’re familiar with his bnb’s what you can generally expect how he handles. 3rd Strike is just a different beast compared to 4, it’s a more mixup orientated game.

When I first started playing some people on GGPO about 10 months ago I quickly realized that Akuma didn’t fit my style ideally. I knew what he could do and I could do it but I didn’t feel quite “right” playing him so I ended up experimenting with a few other characters. It became easier for me to truly learn the mechanics and apply what I knew in a match instead of just beating up on the training dummy. Also I’m pretty sure you could ask someone on GGPO to help you learn whatever character you end up maining. There’s some cool dudes on there. *

its not too late to play for fun and enter tournaments, but when it comes to playing at a top level and catching up to top players you might just be out of time, 3rd strike is the ocean, while sf4 is the kiddy pool so although you may be decent at sf4 you have a lot to learn about playing a game like 3rd strike. haha i’ve seen many strong sf4 players try to play 3rd strike and well… doesn’t look too good. at all. so if you are going to step into a game like 3rd strike, take off the floaties and make sure you actually begin to think because you cant low jab or focus cancel your mistakes here

I don’t recommend Akuma for a 3rd Strike beginner at all. Pick Ken or Ryu if anything. Akuma has bad health and will get you killed extra quick.

Watch some vids on TheShend’s youtube account. You’ll pick some good stuff up for sure.

OP: If you want to play Akuma play as Akuma I think its really important in 3S to main one character and stick with that character.

to answer your original query, if you want to play 3S don’t sweat the learning curve. There are some positives about starting 3S so late, much of the information is out there and can easily be double and triple checked. Also if you are playing solid 3S competition you will learn quick(or quit the game). Its a hell of a climb, but you can at least identify the summit.

Personally I just started playing 3S about 8 months ago and the player I was then and the player I am now are so far apart its amusing. So please start playing 3S, its an awesome game that has been an exceptional intrinsic reward for me.

I agree with Mariodood that starting with Akuma in 3S seems a difficult task(I don’t really know, I play Dudley). On the other hand, while Ryu and Ken share moves with Akuma the three characters aren’t that similar in terms of how the player can approach the game.

I kinda disagree with this. When you try and stick with a character you have to look at the positives of your character instead of complaining about the negatives, and when you look at the pros, Akuma has all the tools of a top-tier character. Low health just means you’ll have to block more. Akuma’s definitely the hardest to learn, but it is very rewarding to learn him(dude owns everybody under high-mid, though Ibuki may give him trouble).

And yeah, don’t sweat about the learning curve. It’s high, but you’ll breeze through the beginning-intermediate phase pretty quick. Instead of flashy combos(which Akuma has plenty of), stick to his BnB combos, mixups and keepaway game(air fireballs are a bitch for every character). Just play at your own pace and you will naturally progress into being good. Watching vids is also very good, but don’t XCOPY stuff just to look pro. Really study them, and figure out why “this guy did that during this situation”.

I’ll bet you could win a lot on GGPO with tatsumaki spam.

Here’s a link OP

That’s basically how you play akuma on GGPO.


Um, if you’re looking to play something like third strike on the side, while focusing on SFIV I’d say don’t even bother. However, if you’re trying to make the jump to the game then I say take every loss as a learning experience when you start.

Anyways, aside from reaching “high level 3s” what most should be important to you is what you’re getting from the game. If its fun and you are passionate about it. Then why wouldn’t you if its readily accessible?

Plus, what you have to understand about a game like third strike is. No one has mastered the game. Even the highest level 3s players still gain something from the countless years they’ve played because the game evolves. So, don’t worry about your skill level right now. Worry about how much you’ll grow as a player if you start now compared to later. I learned this myself last year in March when I quit SFIV.

Also, don’t treat 3S (or any other difficult FG for the matter) like an ancestral sucession art only the select few can learn. There’s much of this on youtube and other shit sites, people sucking up to this or that player and implying that only them are able to do what they do with their characters…Don’t be like that. You can fully learn the execution side of 3S in a year or so, maybe even faster. Then you’ll notice being good at 3S has very little to do with that stuff. Don’t be like the yt kids that are impressed by option select parry followed by parrying the number of hits left in the attack, then retaliatory cr.MK/st. normal xx dp xx super. That stuff may look flashy or “hype” to you now, but it’s actually nothing special, you’ll be doing that shit in no time if you hang in there

I say this 'cause I’m currently learning Vampire Savior, and after two or so months of solid experimentation I’m already able to do stuff that looked like it’d take me forever to get down. Stuff like consistent instant dash DPs with Demitri, Illusion chain cancels, japanese-ripoff Q-Bee rushdown, etc…If you don’t give up on 3S you’ll figure it out eventually, it’s all moving a joystick and hitting buttons in the end, it’s certainly not beyond your capabilities


When you play 3s you should ask yourself these questions.

Am I having a lot of fun?
Am I getting better little by little?

If the answer to either of these questions are yes then you just have to sit back and enjoy the game, if not maybe Street Fighter 4 is for you. :razzy:

I definitely play 3s for fun.

It’s so much more complex, you get a lot more HOLY SHIT I CANT BELEIVE THAT JUST HAPPENED moments

Sometimes I go on GGPO and just spectate for an hour

^This two above comments are so true. Idk why, but playing 3s just seems like so much fun, winning or losing. I remember the first day I got it working on an emulator, it was like Christmas morning.

I remember my first day with 3s. It wasn’t Christmas morning. It was more like. “WTF! I have to block all of the super!Holding downback isn’t working! This Dudley guy is awesome! Jabs aren’t the anser in this game i see.” My 1st day with Garou was more like Christmas morning.
I don’t think catching up is impossible. It depends on your goals. If you’re playing simply to be the best then I doubt you will get there. If you’re playing because you’re passionate about the game you will improve before you recognize it.

Newb here…curious…what’s ggpo?


Technically inaccurate but brief explanation: Emulator-based online matchmaking for FGs with what is probably the best netcode currently available.