3rd Strike Ken Scrubs

I absolutely love how everyone’s defense after getting mangled online is to pull out their cookie-cutter Ken.

Learn some new characters people. There are plenty on the roster. I look for variety when I play online, but I get 50% Ken, 40% Ryu, 10% everyone else.



Ken is the best.

Why didn’t you challenge me in GodWeapon?


Ken is amazing, too good in many aspects. People need to learn to make their opponents suffer with other characters.

Ken is just damn good anyway… top tier by anyone’s standards. I play yun 100%, gotten my ass beat by some kens and whooped the shit out of others shrug

Well, I am not saying I don’t win, its about 50/50, but with a Ken player, they all play the same (except me) and so you always know how you are going to play them. At least Ryu isn’t SO typical. Ken players just make me roll my eyes and hopefully beat on them until they give up and pick another character, which sometimes never happens, even after 10 losses in a row. :frowning:

all roads lead to Ken.

Cept the long and winding one, that one leads me to YOUR door.

My Ken sucks.
I play him a good amount to practice, but I still suck with him.

like makoto? :lovin:


Don’t look at variety, look at becoming good at the game.

aye, I felt I had to master one character before I could delve into a world of variety…my buddy has played Ken from day one, he’s damn good at that…I’ve never complained (out loud…lol). For awhile no matter how hard I tried beating him it seemed impossible…I wasn’t able to truly level up until I got over the “amg Ken is so gay” mode…lol

No love for Remy. Maybe cause he dresses gay.

or because he plain sucks and is 100% gimmiks

ken is pretty crappy online compared to offline IMO.
Hes not as dangerous because its 10X harder for his hit confirm.
and his scare factor comes from that. thats what I think.

its easy to get stuffed by his c.mp but its not as threatening if you cant super after it.

Ive only played against ken maybe 20% of the time. usually its makoto, akuma, dudley, ryu or some beastly Q players

Q is a lot better online, since it’s hard to parry/block/punish his dash punches in time.
As for the Ken situation, I don’t use him, but using low tier means you don’t get to bitch about it. So man up.

Bad Akuma players are worse than bad ken players. The bad Ken players I face at least will come in at you so you get to play around with parries and faster pace means more excitement. Bad Akuma players on the other hand just does air fb and red fb all day and will do air hurricane in one you once in while and then jump back as soon as possible.

ken isn’t too great online because hit confirms are a toss up. actually I’ve seen much more ryu’s than I have ken’s…

It’s like this, We start up 3S on MAME and I usually start off wth Q, since he is my main. People will usually pick some random character, pretty much anyone. I think I have played against Alex the least online, even though he is amazing when played well. I demolish them. They pick the same character, once again they are demolished.

Then they will automatically, as if some driving force is making them selevt Ken SFAIII. It’s like everyone gets pissed and says, “I gotta save face and win one, so I will take out my Ken that is exactly like every other Ken.”

Is that really people’s game? I play to have fun, I have had incredibly fun times online losing a majority of my games. I don’t get all hot and bothered when someone beats me with some random character X amount of times, forcing me to pick Ken to salvage my pride. I just try harder with other characters.

And Ken online is not hard to play. He isn’t as deadly as offline, no, but he is still amazing online. and with great pings (like 15, 10, etc.) I don’t understand why more people don’t play on LAN, it is absolutely smooth like that.


welcome to 2004