3rd Strike Kyushu Taikai 2004

Very nice…Thanx alot

Green Ken is probably Spell Master J.

Nice stuff, did anyone else get strange pauses in the movie at some intervals? But other than that, good stuff, it was nice to see some less used characters making more of a showing.

I love you, Eidrian. :slight_smile:


But doesn’t Spellmaster J play blue Ken? I haven’t seen all the vids yet, but I’m thinking that green Ken is probably KFG Deshiken.

DBA and Eidrian: Thanks for the vids.


I though G-up Vol. 4 was crazy… but the level of play in looks to be waaaaay higher!

I’ve only seen the first few matches, so I don’t know what it’s all like… but it seems so fast! Definitely the best 3s play I have come across so far. Only one question though… who are the guys playing in it?? I see some good play, but I don’t know who is who… can I get a list somewhere?

Mad props, and whatever else it takes to show my appreciation for these vids. If you like 3rd Strike I think you should watch this…

my bad i downloaded the SBO2-kyushu qualifier in the Hub …
they still don’t have it yet …

what is the size of Kyushu taikai 2k4 part 1 ??

edit : god damn i’ve just had 62 mb completed , is 364 mb …

mad, MAD props to you
thanks so much!

I’m getting weird pauses too. Guess it’s just the file.

Stupid Kens though. All the retards complaining about the lack of Kens in Shirube can get their fix now, at least.

Thanks for the great vids, Eidrian.

I know for sure Desiken plays Green Ken, so yeah it’s probably him. I get him and SMJ confused sometimes. Desiken also has a beastly ass P Groove Kyo in CvS. As good as Makoto imo.

i also get the pause specially vs the ken and akuma match twds the end.

OJA [YU] vs Urayasu [KE]
Ozeking [NE] vs Yokoyama [RE]
Mokomokofu [KE] vs Goemon [YA]
Inoue [OR] vs Jima [DU]
Rosihikari [YA] vs Koji [UR]
Muro [KE] vs OJA [YU]
Dot [GO] vs ZON [CH]
MMM [RY] vs Messatsu Yarou [UR]
RX [UR] vs Disk [YU]
Yokoyama [RE] vs Ruu [RY]
Mokomokofu [KE] vs Jima [DU]
Rosihikari [YA] vs Muro [KE]
Dot [GO] vs Messatsu Yarou [UR]
RX [UR] vs Ruu [RY]
Mokomokofu [KE] vs Rosihikari [YA]
Dot [GO] vs Ruu [RY]
Ruu [RY] vs Rosihikari [YA]
Mokomokofu [KE] vs Dot [GO]


Awesome man! I thank you very much…

Just to ask, are you reading those names, or are you getting them from somewhere? I ask, because I would rather not trouble people with these questions if I could find the info myself elsewhere… :-/ but I haven’t the slightest idea where to look.

DBA & Eidrian

Thank you so much. :bgrin: I have been craving for some new 3S footage for a while.

Thank you eidrian ^_^.

Thanks Eidrian, however how come no one pointed out that these vids are the same as the ones posted 2 weeks back on the Goforbroke site, which links to sftchina?

these vids come straight off the dvd so there higher quality opposed to the low size of the sftchina ones. plus eidrian will be posting up parts 2 & 3 which feature the 3on3 tournament. sftchina doesn’t have any of those.

Thanks Eidran and Death by Aegis :slight_smile:

The awesomeness prevails! THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU!