3rd Strike Kyushu Taikai 2004

The video is 364 MB and is about 37 minutes.
This video has a few bugs where the video will hang once a while.

Here is my opinion based on another recent Japanese tournement: I forgot the name but I think it is called “shirube2”… it is one where Makoto won and in one game she destroyed Dudley in two perfects.
I am going to compare each player to the other tournement players.

All Yang players: All matches were entertaining
Dot [GO]: Interesting way to play Akuma
Inoue [OR]: Nothing unexpected, but he is good.

Yokoyama [RE]: A very aggressive Remy player, but not as efficient
Urien: RX is good as usual. The other Urien players stink. I MAY be even better than Messatsu Yarou!

Ryu: He knew how to get out of the reflector, but his overall strategy doesn’t look as good.
Jima [DU]: A lot of roses, a few fun combo but nothing else really exciting
Any Ken player: Nobor plays a much cooler Ken. This one is turtling all day long…
Ozeking [NE]: Never had the opportunity to show off.


  • shirube2 is much better, but you don’t get to see Yang and Akuma.
  • The first match of the last game is my favorite. It is also the most buggy game of all.

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Yeah I was dissapointed with the Ryu matches, didn’t seem to be able to keep control and pacing, I’ve seen better stuff from Ruu and MMM. It didn’t seem like the opponents were particularly afraid of pressure from Ryu?

Anyone know why Georgia wasn’t there to defend Ryu players honour? I would have liked to see if he would have been using SA3 regularly by then. :slight_smile:

According to SBO2 and the last Kyushu Taikai vids Messatsu never really does to well in tournaments. Watch some of his casuals and you’ll see why he is top tier. Guess he gets to never or something never shows his beasting in tourneys.

who is that?

His name is Nabor… or maybe something else… You can see his Ken at combovideo.com… here is what the description says:

"A real treat for the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Fans today.

Versus Tourney From Baton Rouge, Louisiana . Features New Orleans and Baton Rouge players!

This video is over 400 MB and features almost 2 HOURS worth of 3S match video goodness for your viewing pleasure!

Watch out for Urien’s parry against ken! (As seen below)"

Part 2 is up! Check first post.

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Its Nibor not Nabor. Hes from NY.



All Kens in video>Nibor. And does anyone have a matchlist for the second vid? It would be much appreciated. And thanks alot Eidrian, you really kick ass.

Kyushu Taikai 2004 3on3 Tournament
Translated Match-list: Death By Aegis

Tournament Details
Date: October 10th 2004
Total Teams: 36 (108 Players)

Match List Final 12 Teams

  1. Inoue (Oro) vs. Matsumoto (Ken)

  2. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Matsumoto (Ken)

  3. Zon (Chun-li) vs. Matsumoto (Ken)

  4. Zon (Chun-li) vs. Yusuke (Yun)

  5. Zon (Chun-li) vs. Takami (Chun-li)

  6. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Shittake Ume Ou (Urien)

  7. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Yuu (Yun)

  8. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Nasu (Q)

  9. Y.Y (Alex) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  10. Tetsugoushi (Q) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  11. Tetsugoushi (Q) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  12. Some (Ryu) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  13. Ushi (Urien) vs. Two-moon (Remy)

  14. Ushi (Urien) vs. Red (Ibuki)

  15. Ushi (Urien) vs. Dot (Akuma)

  16. Kazoku Furo (Elena) vs. Dot (Akuma)

  17. Match (Akuma) vs. Dot (Akuma)

  18. Sei (Makoto) vs. Bonus-kun (Ibuki)

  19. Sei (Makoto) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  20. G-Deka (Yun) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  21. Ben (Urien) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  22. Makeinu (Q) vs. TK (Q)

  23. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. TK (Q)

  24. RX (Urien) vs. TK (Q)

  25. RX (Urien) vs. 178 (Dudley)

  26. RX (Urien) vs. YSB (Hugo)

  27. Kazoku Furo (Elena) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  28. Ushi (Urien) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  29. Ushi (Urien) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  30. Ushi (Urien) vs. Metsusatsu Yarou (Urien)

  31. Kurenai Haru (Chun-li) vs. Monme (Ibuki)

  32. Goemon (Yang) vs. Monme (Ibuki)

  33. Goemon (Yang) vs. Zon (Chun-li)

  34. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Zon (Chun-li)

  35. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Inoue (Oro)

  36. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Bonus-kun (Ibuki)

  37. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Makoto (Ken)

  38. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  39. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Kazoku Furo (Elena)

  40. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Match (Akuma)

  41. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  42. Zon (Chun-li) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  43. Makeinu (Q) vs. Kazoku Furo (Elena)

  44. Makeinu (Q) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  45. RX (Urien) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  46. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  47. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Match (Akuma)


1st Place RX (Urien), Makeinu (Q), Roshihikari (Yang)
2nd Place Ushi (Urien), Match (Akuma), Kazoku Furo (Elena)

Whenever I try to download, I only get maybe 37 kb of the video and then the download ends. Anybody else getting this and/or know how to solve it?

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yes4me -

Better than Yarou? When is the last time you placed 5th in a 100-man Japanese tournament?

Not sure where all this talk about him sucking in tournaments is coming from. Yarou dominates his local scene, consistantly placing 1st. He’s been in 2 Kyushu Taikai’s. Both times taking 1st in his qualifying bracket and advancing to the final bracket. (Of course there’s no footage of this) In 2004, he ties for 5th. His SBO2 performance was lackluster, I’ll admit. but anyone who qualifies for SBO IN JAPAN is a great player.

“probably better than Yarou”…probably not dude. no offense.

the guy he’s talking about it Nibor from New York who recently moved to New Orleans for school. I can’t really gauge who infact is “better” but i’m sure Yarou is, just because of my stereotype of japanese street fighter players.

oh, and thanks DBA and eidrian

That is awesome.

Big thanks to all involved for the vids.

Thanks for the match lists DBA and Billy Kane. Matsumoto and Deshiken both have pretty sick Kens. I can’t wait for Vid. 3, I want to see Roshihikari’s yang in action.

Nibor is good but not that good u bunch of scrubs lol.