3rd strike M.S.F

I just got a total score of M.S.F what does this mean :looney:
with sean of course

It means you need to fly to Japan and beat Daigo.

means your dads home, drunk and horny

better hide in the closet

Oh…judging from your avy…id say you’ve had a troublesome childhood…closely resembling what you just told me

haha that doesnt make sense
i have some cosplay chick in my av

you have some big german dood who looks like hes banging a transvestite


Marvel Super Fuckos.

It mean Master of Street Fighter, congrats that is the highest rank in 3rd strike.

hay guys i also accomplished something extremely mundane and unimpressive, eprops plz??

She’s got a vagina now, so she’s not a transvestite. If she were wearing MEN’S clothes, THEN she’d be a transvestite.