3rd strike machine in Indianapolis

There is a street fighter 3 machine at Indy GameWorks in the circle centre mall. on Tuesdays you only have to pay 10 bucks and all the games are on free play. I plan on being there every week that i can possibly make it. The ten dollar deal is from 3pm-9pm. hope to see some more players there!

they had one when i lived there in 2001

hillarious no one ever played it when i went there… couldn’t find a single person to play fighting games with the whole time i lived there

there are a couple of marvel players there, and ive only met like 4 3rd strike players so far.

They actually have a 3S machine there? If I recall they used to have one but they took it out. I don’t remember anyone but me playing it while I was there either(last time was 2004). 10 buck Tuesday is pretty cool though, but last time I used it, my card didn’t work on the 3S machine. :sad:

Me and Tetsua (another 3rd strike player on the boards) play 3rd alot. I won’t be at game works this Tuesday but maybe next.

Yeah they have another one now. its an older 3s not sure of the version exactly, but Yangs 2nd super art is Magnetic Storm if thats any indication. It would be cool to see some people come out to play though.
Oh and the last time i was there, you didn’t have to use your card. they had all the machines set to Free Play. but it may be different now, they have new card readers.

i believe thats version a, the version w/unblockable

MrGone - how long have you been in Indianapolis? You weren’t at the Gameworks tournament 3 weeks ago were you?

If you want to play 3S then you probably want to travel outside of Indianapolis to Fort Wayne, or to Chicago if you don’t mind going out of state.

ive been in this town all my life. but i haven’t been to any tournaments. i still need a lot of practice in 3s before i start traveling around to play it, but it would be really cool to start getting a scene going here in Naptown.

We finally convinced my boss to let me put it on the floor. It was a lot of work to rebuild it but it was worth the effort.

The only thing some peeps complain about is the P360s.

Brent: How did you guys do at Evo? If any of you ever want to meet up and play at GW we will setup the theatre and play in there. We will just use the tvs we have there.

Just let us know in advance. Peace.

Don’t worry about the hate, you’ll have people bitch no matter what sticks you put in, honestly. As long as they’re responsive (i.e. NOT BROKEN) it’s all good.

the sticks aren’t too bad honestly. a little different than my anniversary stick, but as long as they work its strait with me. it would be nice if they just stood a little higher. but i really appreciate you guys putting it back out there, ive been looking for a 3s machine in this town for over a year now. what kind of tournaments has GW had, mainly just MvC2?

Good games Riot Guard. Get ahold of me if you guys are gonna play more this week.

Mr.- We will definitely be playing this weekend, pm me your phone number and I give you call sometime this weekend.

We need to set up a day to play on console at GW. That way, everyone can fight on their own arcade sticks.

Tuesday seems to be the best day for this. Riot Guard, if your serious about learning Marvel I’ll gladly teach you what you need to know, if you’ll help me with my charge partitioning. My GGXX:AC Venom will suffer without it.

ray you will suffer anyway cuz ur a noob

Indy, Abe is throwing another gaming party up in the Fort Wayne area on Saturday, October 6. That is just over 2 weeks away. I know there is a lack of transportation so start asking Ghettoontherise and/or Eric Nunes for rides (they have said before they can offer rides to these parties) or maybe ask Riot Guard if he is coming and maybe he’ll have room.

I’m all about it man. Marvel is a big pool to jump in and so fast paced. I need someone to slow it down for me so I know what I’m doing.

Who do you want to learn in 3rd strike? The buffering is easy, it only takes about a day to learn but the partitioning is a little trickier.

console day sounds fun, i’m more used to my stick anyhow

Urban tournament on the 13th. Mark it on your calendar bro.

Brent- If nothing comes up and I still go then yea you can defintely roll with me up there.