3rd strike machine in Indianapolis

Vega: I’m all about it. I just need to put the word out.

TRAMPY: We haven’t seen you guys in a long time. Come out to GW dammit!!!

Riot Guard: I just found out Guilty Gear doesn’t allow you to partition your charges ala 3S. If your come out to GW Tuesday, I can show you some ish then.

Hell, it won’t even allow you to [4], 6 4+S

You have to charge each move individually…

aye KnyghtFall, you that Ken that was at GW yesterday?

If it was a Tuesday then no. I have to work during Ten Buck Tuesdays.

Besides, no one wants to fight my textbook Ken anyway.

Just a reminder that in a week (10/6) WKDCLWN is having another gaming party at his place. It won’t hurt to ask Dave or Nunez or maybe even Mario if they can give you a lift. It’s worth a shot.

Ft. Wayne is catching up with the rest of the midwest in 3S. I just had a really good practice session with Gary and Clem last night. And 3S is always the main game at these parties and if you come we will be sure to have plenty of MvC2 for you or CvS2 if that is more your thing.

cant make it this weekend, but hopefully i can go up there with Mario(Riot Guard) for the next one.

yea, awesome. i went there today because i read about the 3rd Strike cabinet on here. thank youuuuu! knyghtfall, i owe you a lot for doing what you could to get that on the floor. :tup:

not used to playing it with an arcade stick, but it was really fun.

so are you guys still going to GW on tuesdays? or going anytime soon

i need to start goin up there again. hopefully this week will

The next gaming party in the Fort Wayne/New Haven area is December 29 (Saturday) so hopefully the weather is good and it will be great practice just one week before your tournament.

The host is WKDCLWN who posts in our Fort Wayne thread so check out that thread if you need any info (address, time it starts, details regarding what these parties are all about, etc).

I’m going to be at GW this tuesday, who else is going to be there?

ill be there.

I will probably stop by.

Hey not this Tuesday. but next tuesday I’m going to GW to play ill probably be there around 5 and stay until way after they close, so if anyone wants to come be there get some MM in. Justin i gotta win my money back from you that was to close. Anyways hope to see all the regs. there.

Just a reminder that Abe’s party is still scheduled for 12/29 which is next Saturday. Come play 3S, ST, VF5, CvS2, MvC2, KI 1&2, etc. and practice up for the tournament. It will be a blast as always. See WKDCLWN (Abe) in the Fort Wayne thread if you feel the need.

hey i walked through GW tonight cause i had to go to the eagle’s nest with my fam since they are all home from college and such. is GG setup somewhere that i missed, or not there at all?

unfort its not there at all. Man if only i wish we had it.

You boys need VF5. It is a Sega arcade after all. I’m sure you’ll probably get Tekken 6 instead. :wgrin:

lol tekken 6 my ass chicago would get it first. prob, but we will see.

Is the mall open til nine tomorrow.

ya it is, so it is still on bitch. JK