3rd strike machine in Indianapolis

I will be there at about 5 tomorrow.

Indy- you’ve gotten a lot better. You should come out tomorrow too.

I’m in Indy. I usually go to $10 Tuesday once a month or so. I play Makoto and Hugo. People usually refer to me as ‘The Beard’, if ya have played me you’d know why. Don’t think i can make it tomorrow but maybe next week.

You should try and make is today cause next weekend is the tourney, and this will probably be the day were everyone tries to make it.

Train up for the tournament fools! Oh yes and happy new year of course. So far all I’ve seen from the weather this new year is just shitty stuff like snow, rain, slush, ice, etc. If this clears up next weekend then I have one prediction for you ladies… pain! :wgrin:

Pssh whatever. Just an excuse so you wont show up and get your stuff handed to you. Anyways good stuff to everyone who showed up tonight.

Yea, good games although it was mostly just me and Deryck. For real guys, where’s the streetfighter fanatacism (did I just make this word up) at. Good Urien vs. Urien match at the end of the night Justin.

Hell yeah it was to bad you were still getting owned by Ken.

Derek, awesome avatar by the way. Now back to me getting owned with Ken…

lol well that one round you had to run it back ;p

Who is down for this tuesday. Anyone wanna get some hard core practice in before the tourney?

I will probably be there. Hope they have the second 2Spicy game fixed by then.

lol 2spicy i guess thats cool. ya hope to see you there

I’m trying to get more practice on my Tekken stick. If people are only down to play arcade I will be there.

Ya probably um… i can bring my extra copy of 3’s so you can get some practice

Hey good stuff on tuesday to everyone who made it. It was fun

You boys are so lucky you have your big gaming night on Tuesday and not Saturday (or maybe even Friday) or else I’d own the Indy up too. That would make… well… most of our state. Taking over like Hitler or something. See you chumps on Saturday.

Deryck- you want to start setting up on Friday night or Saturday morning? Justin is bringing a tv too.

If we get my tv we will definitely need your truck.

Actuall i started setting up wednesday, but you can help me friday night if you want to.


Dereck Check your PM