3rd Strike Match-ups

0. Gill
advantage vs everyone
no advantage vs none
disadvantage vs none


  1. Ken
    advantage vs necro, ibuki, sean, yun, remy, q, 12, yang, oro, dudley, elena, hugo, makoto, alex, urien, akuma
    no advantage vs chun-li, ryu
    disadvantage vs none

  2. Yun
    advantage vs necro, q, makoto, oro, hugo, ibuki, sean, 12, ryu, urien, elena, remy, akuma, alex
    no advantage vs dudley, yang, chun-li
    disadvantage vs ken

  3. Chun-Li
    advantage vs akuma, necro, ibuki, sean, q, makoto, ryu, oro, dudley, elena, hugo, remy, alex, yang
    no advantage vs 12, ken, urien, yun
    disadvantage vs none

  4. Makoto
    advantage vs sean, ibuki, remy, q, oro, 12, urien, elena, akuma, necro, alex, yang, dudley, ryu
    no advantage vs hugo
    disadvantage vs yun, chun-li, ken

5. Dudley
advantage vs sean, q, 12, hugo, alex, remy, urien, elena, akuma, oro
no advantage vs necro, yun, yang, ibuki, ryu
disadvantage vs chun-li, makoto, ken

  1. Yang
    advantage vs q, hugo, oro, sean, necro, 12, urien, akuma, remy, ryu, alex, elena
    no advantage vs ibuki, yun, dudley
    disadvantage vs ken, chun-li, makoto

  2. Akuma
    advantage vs q, hugo, ibuki, sean, elena, urien, alex, 12
    no advantage vs oro, ryu, necro
    disadvantage vs remy, chun-li, makoto, ken, yang, yun, dudley

  3. Ryu
    advantage vs necro, sean, q, 12, hugo, urien, remy
    no advantage vs alex, yang, oro, elena, ibuki, dudley, ken, akuma
    disadvantage vs yun, chun-li, makoto

  4. Ibuki
    advantage vs necro, sean, remy, q, hugo, urien, 12
    no advantage vs yang, ryu, oro, elena, alex, dudley
    disadvantage vs akuma, yun, chun-li, makoto, ken

  5. Urien
    advantage vs necro, sean, hugo, q, 12, remy
    no advantage vs oro, elena, alex, chun-li
    disadvantage vs dudley, makoto, yang, yun, ken, akuma, ibuki, ryu

11. Oro
advantage vs q, hugo, sean, 12
no advantage vs akuma, necro, ibuki, elena, urien, alex
disadvantage vs yun, remy, chun-li, makoto, ryu, ken, yang, dudley

  1. Alex
    advantage vs sean, remy, q, 12, hugo
    no advantage vs necro, ryu, elena, akuma, ibuki, urien, oro
    disadvantage vs ken, dudley, chun-li, yun, makoto, yang

  2. Elena
    advantage vs sean, q, 12, hugo
    no advantage vs necro, ibuki, alex, remy, ryu, urien, oro
    disadvantage vs chun-li, ken, makoto, yun, akuma, dudley, yang

  3. Necro
    advantage vs sean, q, hugo, 12
    no advantage vs alex, remy, oro, ryu, dudley, elena, akuma
    disadvantage vs urien, ibuki, chun-li, ken, yang, makoto, yun

  4. Remy
    advantage vs akuma, sean, oro, hugo, q
    no advantage vs necro, elena, 12
    disadvantage vs ibuki, alex, makoto, ken, chun-li, dudley, yun, yang, urien, ryu

  5. 12
    advantage vs q, hugo, sean
    no advantage vs chun-li, remy
    disadvantage vs makoto, ryu, yun, dudley, elena, ken, alex, yang, urien, akuma, ibuki, necro, oro

17. Sean
advantage vs hugo, q
no advantage vs none
disadvantage vs akuma, urien, sean, alex, yun, remy, chun-li, makoto, 12, ryu, dudley, elena, ken, yang, necro, oro

  1. Hugo
    advantage vs none
    no advantage vs q, makoto
    disadvantage vs necro, akuma, urien, ibuki, yun, remy, chun-li, yang, ryu, oro, dudley, elena, ken, alex, 12, sean

  2. Q
    advantage vs none
    no advantage vs hugo
    disadvantage vs akuma, urien, necro, ibuki, alex, yun, chun-li, makoto, ryu, oro, dudley, elena, ken, yang, 12, remy, sean


Urien vs Alex - Advantage Alex all the way. You can’t juggle him, and he owns your ground and pressure game. Ever get Hyper Bombed out of an Aegis unblockable? It’s no fun.

Elena vs Urien - Not a disadvantage for Elena, as she doesn’t juggle properly either. Not saying she’s advantage, but if she knows how to exploit Urien, he should get owned a little bit.

Oro vs Urien - How do you figure Oro is disadvantaged? He’s too damned short to worry about Urien.

Ken vs. Urien - Advantage Urien, mon homme. Seriously. What can Ken possibly do when you run away to build meter? Even if he’s a parry-happy fool, fireballs still keep his ass across the screen until you have an Aegis ready for him.

Urien vs. Akuma - Disadvantage? Oh come on now. Anyone but the very, very best Akuma players get reamed by Urien. One juggle is like 60% against Akuma, not even counting the absurd stunning getting done. If we’re playing theory fighter, sure, it’s an even match at best. But in the really real world, Akuma gets OWNED. YOU HEAR ME JR?! URIEN OWNS AKUMA! BELIEVE IT!

Urien vs. Chun Li - Not a disadvantage in the really real world at all, in my opinion. Runaway Stor-- err, I mean Chun Li is going to sit back while you build up a reflector, and then she gets the Corner Combo of Imminent Doom(trademark and copyright Tokido, current God of Urien). Remember, she’s one of the lucky few who can be hit with the tackle/fireball/tackle combo.

Yang/Yun vs Urien - I think they have a small advantage that the other characters do not against Urien, as the dive kick can really cover space in no time at all. A good Yang or Yun can close right in on you, keeping the pressure going, where as I stated before, Ken cannot. It’s not a BIG advantage, but it’s there. Also, they juggle in a freaky “lightweight” sort of way.

Oro vs Akuma - I think a solid Oro should mop up Akuma. The absurd stun from his attacks is enough on it’s own merit, let alone the sick juggles rivaled only by the Master himself, Emperor Urien.

That’s enough for right now. Haha, I’m sure something else will come up later.


I personally beg to differ with this one. While I personally don’t use Yun I’ve seen a good variety of Yun vs. Chun-li matches and a majority of them are in Yun’s favor.

Yun can do dive kicks all day on Chun-li and she really can’t do much about it.

If you ask me Chun-li loses to rush down Yun.

There are some other match-ups you listed that striked me as iffy but this one stuck out the most.

Either way interesting thread.


Q vs URIEN: 'Parry Dash Throw Taunt"



Yang in 15? Highly doubtable.


Makoto vs. Urien - Advantage Makoto. Haha, the 3 US Makoto players could show you, if they ever came out of hiding, but her ground game is scary. Dashing throws and kara-kara-kusas dominate like wot. In Theory Fighter, Urien would get destroyed by Makoto Rushdown, but in reality you never really worry, since odds are there aren’t any good Makotos in your neighbourhood, state, or region.


I entirely agree. Also, I don’t think that Ken loses to Chun-Li. Unlike Ryu, he has all the tools to rush her down without taking too many risks.

And Urien doesn’t really own Ken. Once Ken gets in your face (with his dash and pokes it’s not exactly hard) pretty much all you can do is parry/throw/EX Headbutt.

I didn’t say owned, I said it’s in Urien’s favour. Oh no, I’m being poked! That’s junk. A back-dash solves that real quick, and as we’ve seen proven by our God of Urien who art in Nippon (all praise be to Tokido!) , NO ONE wants to be in the corner with Urien.


Hum, I don’t think any half-decent Ken player would stay in his corner (against Urien or anyone else).

You don’t want to random dack dash when you’re being poked by Ken or you’ll eat a low poke into Shippu. The match-up is not in Urien’s favor.

Re: Re: 3rd Strike Match-ups


Actually, after watching the Ken/Chun Li match-up a LOT via Paulee and Chuns in Cali, I agree that Chun wins the match, but I would say the advantage is so minimal that I would place it under “no advantage for either”. Ken and Chun have similar combo opportunities (high low attacks into special cancel into super or just link off of high/low), but Chun definitely has the better throw, giving her the advantage over Ken if she can just turtle. Mitsuko (is that her name?) from Socal can turtle like crazy with Chun and its very difficult for even a crazy Ken to break a turtle Chun.



updates to the match-ups! also gill added!
the match-ups list is not a tiering, the numbers are arbitrary :wink: 1-6 i remembered from the japanese tiering, the rest are in order from the selection screen :stuck_out_tongue:

alex has the advantage vs urien
elena is no advantage vs urien
ken is no advantage vs urien
akuma is no advantage vs urien
chun-li is no advantage vs urien
yang has the advantage vs urien
makoto has the advantage vs urien
yun is no advantage vs chun-li
ken is no advantage vs chun-li

thongboy bebop: i’ve been raging demoned out of aegis unblockables, twice, courtesy of j.r., and i have yet to play against a competent makoto, there aren’t any that play at moorpark, especially ones that play the pink makoto, and even less likely that they go by arlieth, :rolleyes: he’d get about a 5:1 win ratio vs my urien but i just chalked that up to him being better, hmm perhaps makoto does have the advantage! :eek:
speaking or arlieth, it seems we’re in need of some input on the ken vs makoto match, what say you?

to do: find out ken vs makoto and maybe also rearrange the names to make a tier list

can someone break down the urienVSnecro fight? what can necro do


Oh that ones easy!

Gill > Everyone Else in the Game.

The only time Gill wouldn’t have the advantage is when going against another Gill. :lol:

Heh, im lucky enough 2 have played a really good Makoto, (O.Kyosukes, ask anyone who was at MWC this year) and there really isnt much you can do. Heres what usually happens. Somewhere in the middle of the match, kara karakusa, FP cancel 2 Abare, eat some more tacked on hits, dizzy, karakusa, bla bla bla. God help you if she has 2 meters. Double abare usually almost always equals death. Good Makoto and basic Makoto are 2 completly diffrent characters. If you dont fear getting 90 percent health gone after one grab, then you arent playing a good Makoto. I only play Urien, and I didnt get 2 many wins at all. Its sad when you throw out strong orbs and they jump up and parry it for fun/free. DAMN YOU RICKY!

you likey the juicy juice?

update! characters are now ordered from best to worst! :lame:

yang fixed! dunno why i was hating on him :confused:

still conflicted over the makoto vs akuma, and makoto vs ken matches, can we get an expo going at family fun? :smiley:

lol silvergear, gill’s taunt is why he owns everyone so bad! :cool: god damn it! no one else has gill taunting in their avatar, i’m going to try to get one :evil:

I dont know shit about this game but I’m wondering…

Hows Yun disadvantaged vs Ryu but Yang is advantaged vs Ryu?

Ken vs Urien
advantage Urien: Ken must stay within (or just within where his c.strong beats everything)Urien’s dashing range to be in control. Ken’s crossup messes up on Urien since he’s tall, and Ken cannot do short jab short combos.

Urien can run and throw fireballs to keep Ken at bay, and at the worst he builds meter. Urien (with aegis) maxed is more fearsome than Ken maxed (with SAIII as per usual)

Also, after watching tons of Japanese Akuma vs Ken footage, I would have to say Akuma has a basic advantage over Ken. Akuma can run away fb almost for free. Very similar matchup to old hyper Zangeif vs. Dhalsim battle. Ken must fight like hell to get close to Akuma and has an advantage when in close, but may lose 50% or more life trying to get there.

Same skill Akuma >> Ken.

What else:
Ken vs. Alex
adv. Ken if using SA III. Takes away his ex elbow, which means Alex must pin Ken in the corner to win.


I think Yun/Yang eat up Urien for free. The rushdown twins keep urien guessing when on the ground, and from full screen if Urien throws a fb (up or straight) either of the two twins get free ex moves underneath the fb. Same skill Yun/Yang >> Urien

I’m not much of an expert at theory fighter, so if you disagree, post away.



I think Yun/Yang eat up Urien for free. The rushdown twins keep urien guessing when on the ground, and from full screen if Urien throws a fb (up or straight) either of the two twins get free ex moves underneath the fb. Same skill Yun/Yang >> Urien

I’m not much of an expert at theory fighter, so if you disagree, post away. **

You’re dead on here. Any comments on Chun vs. Ken?


I think Yun/Yang do better than most against the Big Red Machine™, however they’re definitely not advantaged. If Urien can wait it out long enough, it’s almost a given he’ll get an anti-air fireball against the mighty Hong Kong heroes, as once you pull a dive-kick, you’re commited. And we all know how ugly that turns out.

Not that it’s an easy match in any sense, but one false move and the boys are eating absurd damage.


no because the twins don’t HAVE to dive kick at any point, since they have ground superiority. And most Urien’s will learn to stop throwing fb’s after eating a few ex’es.