3rd Strike Match Vids!

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There’s plenty of matches on there to keep you entertained.

nice vids. thanks! These vids really help to show the general differences between U.S. and Japanese styles of gameplay. These players here seemed to be almost all defensive/turlting type players and really capitalized on the attackers attempts. Whereas, most U.S. players matches I’ve seen tend to be dominated by the aggressive attacker on offense, killing you with mixups that lead to combos upon wakeup.

Actually, I thought all of the matches in these vids were played basically the same regardless of the characters chosen. one of the only vids that featured something different was the Remy vs Hugo match. This match used the distinct abilities of each character, rather than just basic 3s tactics. This match was like SF2- Guile vs Zangief. but then again, it was still a remy turtling for most of the match.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty new to 3s, but I’m wondering if this is how most matches are. Are most matches dominated by the basics of the game like mixups, wakeup game, etc moreso than the unique specials or attributes like strength, speed, and stamina by the different characters? It just seems to me that if you have good defense against any type of player and can counter, you will win and it doesnt matter what character you pick because there arent that many significant differences between them.

This is starting to sound like bullshit even to me cause its street fighter, but maybe this is one reason why sf3 never made as much of an impact that SF2 did. the fighting engine in SF3 is different than two, a lot different, but i wonder if capcom put too much emphasis on the idea of balancing out the characters by giving them all the same basic moves such as UOHs, parries, dashes, jump cancels, sa cancels, etc. that the characters’ unique abilities were (are) undermined and arent really as powerful or useful to incorporate into your strategy (just in combos).

All that being said, I like SF3 just about as much as SF2. I’m not putting the game down at all. I’m only comparing them to see how different they are to eachother and trying not to find any loopholes in the game because i like it so much. I’m just trying to put some thoughts i’ve had about the game down because some of you have been playing SF3 since it came out in 97 and can probably set me straight.
like i said before, this is street fighter…everyone plays differently, there are practically an infinite number of combinations that can happen in a match. While I’m hoping most games are not dominated by a certain style of play, I’m confident that street fighter players will figure how to counter and deal with it.

u gotta play it for a while to see the character specific stuff… some combos, set ups, and tactics only work for specific characters. match ups kinda become kinda rudimentary like sf2 because both players know those tiny details…(but not as stone rigid because with skill u can work past limitations of the character)

New update…

Berlin Summer Meeting 2005 - German 3rd Strike Tourney Videos:


Check it out.

Aren’t most games domniated by mixups, wakeups, landing bnbs, supers, etc.?

Playing defensive and offensive is just based on your personal preference and character I guess, like Chun turtling, Ken rushing, and Yun Genei-Jining. Yes there are significant differences between the characters, if there weren’t people would be playing Sean.

Strange…I usually find Japanese 3s players more aggressive than American 3s players.

Thanks for da vids. I love watching good Q players. Anybody know if that person using Q in the first match is the same Q player that got molested by K.O in the SBO 3 2on2?

Those German vids suck. They got no game. LOL.

Yep, same guy. His name is Kuroda. He’s also the guy who beat Ricky Ortiz and Justin Wong in an earlier round of that SBO.

ken player sucked, i woulda been ex-air hurricane all over Q’s shitty back strong.

No…you suck.

ok now that all my friends have the vids i put the sbo3 dvd rip on my server in #gamecombos on irc get that shit its not just final 4 it top 32 watch how close frankie and pyro almost came :frowning:

True Tech, how do I go about downloading things from your IRC server? I have IRC but I don’t know how to get the rip, and I really want to see this. I admit I’m pretty new to the whole IRC thing.

Thanks for sharing it.

if i’m around pm me and i’ll queue it for you just make sure you go to options put on auto accept and add .wmv to your accept list

great vid true tech. appreciate it :tup:

Here are some 3s casuals from Chinatown here in Sydney: Torrent Link

Check out the Remy vs. Chun match, dude worx chun out all night.
it’s in the 7th paragraph, second match.
Ill corner set-ups vs.ducking chun.

Are any of these guys in the co-op cup? Kuroda is Q right?


everything is in japanese but it looks like the kyushu players vs the gamervision players.

the first rar is all u need. i already downloaded it, it has basically most of the best players from each side facinf off in some type of team play. can someone else download and translate the sections it for me?

What’s in the smaller rar?

Luckily I got the 700+mb one before that site went down…

the smaller rar r 4 match vids from the bigger one. i couldnt open them on my mac. but all the other vids from the bigger rar i opened.

its a 3 on 3 tourny. its very good.

So you’re saying I’m not actually missing anything?

The 4 videos in the smaller one probably just have better quality or something?