3rd strike mode SFV

SFIV had Omega mode, wouldnt be it be awesome for SFV to have a 3rd strike mode? Take out the v-triggers and give everyone the ability to parry with the directional inputs. MAKE THIS HAPPEN CAPCOM!

Or just play Third Strike


Go play third strike.

If there is ever an Omega SFV, it will be something new and will likely serve as a harbinger of things to come in SFVI.

Yeah, that makes sense!

If they can do it for SFIV they can do it for SFV

I never understood why people want sequels to games to be 100% identical to prior versions, especially for fighters. It’s not like the old games vanish as soon as the new ones come out, you can still go back and play them.

Although, I will say, I hope Balrog is in SFV lol, but so far, it’s not looking that way.

Only if they patch a SFV mode in 3rd strike.

Give us parries in a game not from 1999 please :open_mouth:

Ryu has a parry

Why? Are you afraid that old dinosaurs games are gonna eat you or what?

Go play Yatagarasu

Game aint even finished and dudes asking for different versions… get a grip

I want a complete and total replication of Socom 2 with updated graphics… some games are perfect and you just want to keep playing them. Socom Confrontation was bad, ill be aight if they just brought those servers back online.

Yeah but that would be called Socom 2 remastered edition or something, not Socom 5 or whatever the next one would be.

OP already get bodied by Ryu’s V trigger corner denjin trap? 2 words: METER MANAGEMENT.

I can’t wait to blow up the garbage SFV parry.


They should make a new 3s where the only difference is Twelve is not selectable. Perfect game.

Most fighting games only focus on one aspect, but the ones that stand out are either from wayback or obscure.
sf5’s exception. Yatagarasu, played that half a decade ago before finding out bout steam back when i was still a console fella.
Third strike, didn’t take to kindly to it, roster has a few chars I’m not fond of too. Black man with all his ass out and a glob monster.

But the mechanic it has, there’s no time limit for that shit.

You’re so mean! Twelve needs buffs that’s all!

But they really should make a new version of SF3 with 4-6 SF2/SFA characters in HD graphics. Call it SF3: Final Assault or We’re Sorry for Excluding SF2 Characters.

Yeah, I see.