3rd strike money matches

5 star and victoly, 2on2 challenge vs the world

2on2 format. place your bets

will be there to challenge the world at evo

dont be skerred

minimum $10 per game, $5 per team member

me and jamarr will play you guys


Tanden!!:mad: :mad:

you smell like ass

you aint shit… thats all i gotta say
move over and let the big boys play

who smells?

just another fanboy :lol:

Lifetimeboy and I will play you guys assuming he’s willing.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

pyrolee has just asked me today to join our team, so now the option of 3on3 has just arrived

if u guys want to play 3on3, thats fine too

however, its $20 a game for 3on3

hey victurr, where do u want to have dinner?

its just me and jamarr, but we’ll play you guys for $20, $10 each



ill play that team but…Yi Wang why aint you ASS playin(YiWang tucks his tail and Runs:lol: )

Who’s taking on me vic and yi?

Hiro,Joe Li,Ricky…:frowning: uncomfirmed tho

i am fucking yi wang dammit

5 star = yi wang damn ppl dont kno that yet?

You serious. They arent two different people!@#

ROFL :smiley: :lol:

did you guys want to play on console or are we gonna play at the arcade???

i just remembered calpoly’s gameroom. the 3rd strike cabinet there is far better than before, its in a brand new showcase with 360s and nice buttons, if theres no problems, we could play there. the 3s is old type.

:evil: Comfirmed BIOOOOTCH:evil:

So maybe SoCal will take it up the ASS from NoCal:eek:


dope. i gotta see this…

should be easy win over 5 star i seen him play when i was in cali, he hit 3 MK’s in a row with Ken no super everytime, kid was mashing that shit