3rd Strike Needs Your Help!

TFC (The Fall Classic) is being ran this October 7-9 in Raleigh NC. We will be showcasing 3S as a main event game and we’re working to ensure that it is explosive. Make sure if you’re interested in going to a 3S event this year, let it be TFC. We’ll be announcing the structure soon enough, but in the meantime, just be assured that it is going to be HUGE.

Now. Your help. Big Eric is donating $1000 to the prize pool for one more game, and Melee and 3S are currently neck and neck with each at 400+ votes. DO AMERICAN 3S A FAVOR. Vote for it!

If you are on mobile, it is pretty difficult to find the poll. What you should do is search “The Fall Classic” on FB, and click on the “The Fall Classic 2k16 (TFC)” link. That is the actual event page (They have a business entity page as well. That’s the wrong one) where the poll exists. Go there, cast your vote for 3rd Strike. Voting ends tomorrow night, so this is time sensitive! Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

So much for that, unfortunately. Was a good try, though. Nice effort.

I suspect the Smash community mobilized as well :<

Of course they do. It’s why Skullgirls got shafted during that one Evo charity event as well.

Still, 2nd most wanted game at 1.1k was a good try. Melee scene too big.