3rd strike... norfolk/portsmouth?

First time poster. I browsed this forum for a bit but couldn’t really find any leads. I’m in the navy and just moved down to portsmouth and was curious if there’s any 3rd strike comp to be had anywhere in the local area. I’ve been around town and can’t even find a single arcade that has any sort of 2-d fighter. At this point, I’ll really take anything, CVS2 (mediocre), or MvC2 (not a fan, but not half bad). If there are any good spots for comp in the local area though, please post them. Thanks in advance!

i’m not from the area, but i know most of the players from maine, and from what i know, you’re probably on the same level as everyone else in maine at CvS2, and hell, if you can get them to start playing, great.

There’s some good 3s comp up there. That hugo player (i think his name was ricky) came from basically out of nowhere, and placed 2nd at the last tourney in New England. That’s some pretty hot shit.

no… i think he’s talking about the portmouth va.area…if that you’re talking about you need to go to the va/md thread…lots of comp in that area…

welcome to SRK. there are no less than 4 threads for Virginia currently. The one most suited to your needs is this one


There is a small community around play a round golf and games in newport news.

What about me? What about Raven?

i personally dont play 3rd but there are a handful of good 3rd players in the area. yeah, post in that thread renegade suggested, im sure youll get a response.

and as for arcades, sadly, we used to have a bunch of them but most closed down. the only good one is play around golf and games in newport news, which im guessing is a little less than an hour drive from norfolk area. they got 3rd, mvc2, and t5 dr.

there’s also an arcade in greenbrier mall in chesapeake, but the only game they have worth playing there is t5 dr. no capcom figthers.

i also hear chesapeake square mall has a fun and games arcade which has a bunch of good games. i havent been there in eons though.

That would be most excellent. Appreciate the info.