3rd strike on xbox360

is this version okay to practice on if i play at tourneys thrown on the ps2 or ps3?

SFAC has some minor bugs and glitches when played using the 360’s backward compatibility emulator. Aside from that, iirc it’s identical to SFAC on PS2.

I play it a lot and switch from there and GGPO. I have no problems with the game being played on the 360. It’s good practice either way, but try to play 3S on GGPO when you want some competition and you will be quite happy there.

it has some in game slowdown when played on 360 example being SJC Chun-Li houyokusen to jumping fierce.

why am i not surprised that artayes would defend 3s b.c. on the 360. i also like how he acts like a spokesman for ggpo.

As far as I know, 3rd Strike on 360 had slowdown on super jumps and it got pretty wonky. But other than that, I didn’t really know any other differences.