3rd strike online Disconnect glitch?

I really have no exact idea where to ask this but Tech talk is full of smart people and I am worried.

I have really enjoyed 3rd strike online(PS3). Really like ggpo. I have never disconnected or ragequit, I never give up. It keeps saying out of nowhere i have a 45635374%(or something to that efect) Disconnect rate?
Is this a common problem? Can I fix this? I know it sounds silly, But I was proud to never ragequit, and proud of the salt I had with that 0% despite fighting people with terrible connections. I am in need of help!

Does the disconnect percentage glitch hamper your gameplay?

I don’t know yet. But seeing really REALLY bothers me. I don’t want anyone thinking I ragequit and NOT play me in ranked or player matches.
It sounds silly, but still seems messed up.

The disconnection rate is a known bug which your are only 1 of many people affected by it. You can’t “reset” your disconnection rate (intended that way), but Capcom and aware of it and working on a solution related to the upcoming patch.


THANK YOU! :slight_smile: a patch will make me feel a ton better! Hope it comes up soon!