3rd Strike Online Edition YouTube uploads, no names on export?


It’s strange, sometimes when I upload matches to YouTube I get the PSN IDs printed on the video, sometimes I don’t. Anyone know why and how I can always have them on?


WATCH the replay first, and then choose the upload option.

To speed things up, I usually just select watch the replay i wanna watch, then press start and exit. and then select upload


Cool, this is what I was looking for. Thanks.

I wonder why it’s like that? Weird.


I know this thread is for PSN but
on XBL does anyone know a way to get the player names to show up on replays all the time?
Some replays have them and some don’t. Did this get F’ed up in a previous patch or something?


Where do you mean?

> your saveds - Filename no - during view, yes was added in last patch?

> Youtube upload - Filename no - Rename correctly or else find yours by date as best you can

> Online Match Server - Filename no during your view, yes - during someone else download and view, yes?

Make sure to at least Your Name vs P2 NAME as best you can, as a general habit.

[details=Spoiler]Match Server upload “tags” abuse by me or Dander, dander way more

“Power strength”
“Super powers”
“getting bored”
“power of the soul of the power of 3RD STRIKE”


& doesn’t seem to be a way to remove old ones from match server. I uploaded the same 1 From 2 Saved games memory, HDD and “internal memory” can’t get rid of the duplicate.

Don’t know total uploads allowed per player on match server either.