3rd strike online play


hey guys i just like to know if 3rd strike is still happening online for xbox. Is is backwards compatable? WHat is the best controller to us for it a oct gate stick or square gate? I really want to get back into it but i’d like to train a bit at home 1st.


Xbox Live for all original Xbox games is being discontinued on April 15th. However, you can play 3S online on your computer through GGPO or 2DF/Supercade, either of which I promise you’ll find provide a superior experience.

Selection of arcade parts 100% comes down to personal preference; there have been plenty of excellent players on both. If you’ve never had the time/experience to grow more fond of or accustomed to one or the other, I would recommend going with a square gate just because Sanwa (and their flagship JLF model joystick, which is square gate) has recently become the most widely used brand of arcade parts for fighting games in the entire world.


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I’m guessing you’ve already tried GGPO or Supercade? No clue about the Xbox. You would have to set up a matchup here on the forum in the Xbox Live section for that platform.

Hey~ just testing something out. :slight_smile: Yeah, good way to get people together for Guilty Gear XX and CvS2:EO as well.


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If you’re trying to play 3S on Xbox it’s certainly possible (until April 15th). A warning: the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection that contains 3S IS backwards compatible, HOWEVER it performs VERY poorly. The game lags a LOT, especially when super jumping, and in any fighter timing is key, especially 3S. If you want to play it with any sense of stability either dust off your old Xbox or play it on your PC on GGPO. The latter will be much more stable with a larger community.


Hopefully, after Super Street Fighter IV comes out and they get rid of old xbox titles being played on XBL this April, they will release Third Strike on XBLA.