3rd Strike Online Thread


This thread is for anything related to 3rd Strike online play. Match vids, win total screenshots, ggs, shoutouts to good online players, etc.


I wish I could play 3SOE on my PS Vita :sad:
I could be at McDonald’s jungling as we speak!


Vita Elena would be the new online player slur


Still might need a separate luis thread, go there for all things louis. People want a lot out of him.


Both boys and girls.

I’m Lee.


No Homo.


ggs Funland. I hate playing against Akuma online so much >_<

btw, I was streaming so I can’t play sets… I’m queued up playing Dead Island Epidemic at the same time, and get some ranked games in during the queue, if anyone is wondering why I don’t respond to messages or fight requests. sorry!


you were in the ranked queue too! ufcgym-ing me. luckily ChaiTea saved me from you


yeah sorry man, for some reason when I want to get out of ranked, my stick puts me back in. Blame it on shoddy MAS stick design, but damn it feels rustic.

like I said, I go back and forth with 3s and D.I.E. so if I’m ever AFJ, I’m playing D.I.E. which takes like 10-15 mins per game.


I forgive you this time

did Funland beat you up? he’s a big meanie sometimes


sounds like something one would buy at taco bell.



GGs, I complain about akuma and necro online a lot.


Definitely wasn’t my best showing. Second time I was salty from the first and the whole not accepting my lobby invite too. Lol!

I’m a sweetheart Lance. Stop spreading lies.


@‌ ggpo players

have you guys considered having a tournament for GGPO play? something similar to King of GGPO that the ST guys were doing. what are the challenges in running something like that? I’m sure more than a few people have had this idea before so I’m curious why we never see something like this.


Mintchip is motivation for me to learn the Ken-Chun and Chun mirror matches way better than I know them. I can hang with his Ken but I lose like 65% of our matches when it’s his Chun vs either of my characters. His spacing is a lot better than mine.

A couple long sessions of training mode are in order. I’m gonna figure this out.






im just liking for the new perfume avatar.
i listened to level3 on my way to play yesterday and my way back.

also lol


Lol is that real? Damn Louis, if you’re going to up screenshots, hide your tranny porn bruh. Making it too easy for these youngsters.



hide the pr0n, yes. but cmon now, different strokes for different folks.


Lance making me bust back the Perfume avatar ahh

P.S.- If there were Kayo Police nudes I would be all up on that, jus sayin