3rd Strike Online

I read a post that said all 3rd strike gamers should put a [SRK] by their name…
I think that a great idea…If anyone wants to play me I’m kjus…(kayel justice)
in the NEW YORK room mostly…
I use MAME .117 on Kaillera

Thanks… Great idea though [SRK]

dude… ur gona get banned for all these off topic thread in FGD

Technically this isn’t off topic but…yeah. Not necessarily useful either.

my B… thought it was the same dude from like 3 threads down lol

it is off topic since there is a kaillera forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…he is talking about a fighting game. Just because there’s a Kaillera forum doesn’t necessarily mean it’s off topic. He’s still talking bout 3rd Shizzle. It would be better off in Kaillera but he’s still talking about a fighting game.

“Discuss fighting games, both by Capcom and by other publishers like SNK and Namco.”

You can refer people to other sections but generally if someone is talking about a fighting game in any way…I say it’s fair.

Oh…Well I’m new to this kind of, just never thought to join a discussion board…Didnt know there was a Kaillera room, but I was makin sure that we were putting srk by our name

In before closed!!

Man, Stfu! Get back to playing your SSBM and your wannabe Denjin ryu…KY…
I swear damn FOBS…
FOB>Freshoff boat… LOL
Nah but Seriously Whats up Andrew?