3rd Strike Players for Japan


As many of you know I have been in Tokyo and experienced the earthquake first hand. Even with the epicenter being 373 km (232 mi) from Tokyo, I still experienced very strong shaking. Being a native Californian and experiencing the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989, this felt like nothing I have ever felt before.

The damage in Tokyo is minimal, but to the north the people of Japan are experiencing very tough times. I won’t go into details, because anyone who has watched the news in the past week knows what I’m talking about.

I am setting up a 1 week long donation drive to help Japan’s Earthquakes victims. On March 25th I will take the money I have collected and donate directly to Red Cross Japan.

I am posting this here because the 3rd Strike community is very close. Many people know who I am and trust me here. If you do not trust me with your donations, that is fine, but please try and donate to another source if possible.

Thank you.


Donations :

Thomas Shin aka Arlieth $20


I already donated to Red Cross, but this is a nice thing. Good luck.


Thanks. I know many people have already donated and done all they can, but this is just in case theres anyone left that hasnt donated yet.

if i get $20 total, thats better than nothing.:tup:


yea i wouldve donated to this earlier but i donated $30 to Red Cross already, hopefully things get better over there soon