3rd strike players in West Lafayette,IN?

Hey everybody! I was just wondering if we had people in SRK who live in West Lafayette and/or go to Purdue? There’s a pretty good arcade down here with 3S, Marvel, Tekken 5.0 and KOF XI. Marvel has had some broken stick problems, but they’ve been sorted out. KOF’s been getting some healthy play, thanks largely to the machine giving you 5 credits per quarter! I go down there as much as I can for 3S and KOF, so if anybody’s from around the area, lemme know!

I used to play with a large crew at purdue in 06. They just quit posting on shoryuken, so no one knows what happened to them. You are welcome to come to indianapolis to play against a couple of locals.

Indy? Where at? I haven’t been there in a while…Not since early May I think. I don’t recall where a 3S machine is at there.

Gotta hit that Circle Centre for that.

I’ll be going more since I need to practice for the Columbus tournament (which if you aren’t doing anything November 3rd you should def be at). If you let me know if you’re interested in goin to Indy I could meet you there for some matches.

Nov. 3rd…Damn. Just when a tourney scene is on, I have pressing obligations…Crap! Thanks for the info,though!

woah they fixed the Marvel sticks?! i graduated from purdue back in dec. 2006 and for the two yrs i played there the sticks were already dying.

i have a friend who is still at purdue who plays 3S, GG, and KOF, if you spend any time there you should run into him.

A lot of the Purdue crew has graduated recently- but there’s still some people here that play 3s, GG and MVC2. The sticks are pretty bad on MVC2 and GG, though.

Riot Guard and Ghettoontherise: How often do you guys go out to the arcade in Circle Centre? Is it mostly on weekends? I have a couple friends that might be interested in heading up to Indy for 3s and MVC2.

Honestly, I’ll go whenever there’s a big group playing. If you want to meet up at CC just let me know and I can be there.

Impulse- Tues. at gameworks is all day play for 10 dollars. But we can work something out to play on the weekend I’m sure.

Do something big on weekends to persuade us out of towners to make the trip! :wgrin:

Oh yeah and host up another one of those tournaents!

I graduated from Purdue as well back in Dec. 04. Burned a lot of quarters on mvc2 fresh/soph year until both sticks broke (and stayed broke til I left). Played a lot of 3s as a result. Where was this “crowd” that these people speak of while I was there? It was me and a handful of guys that were regulars. Oh well. Good to know it’snot as dead now.

jan 05 they put in guilty gear isuka, so i was down there from beginning of 05 till i graduated dec 06. there was a handful of us that played isuka. there was also alot of people that would play 3s in 05 in both the spring and fall, so it would get up to like 6 people waiting to play 3s.

Riot Guard, Ghetto, Vega: By any chance are you guys heading up to Gameworks this coming Tuesday?

Sorry man, not me. I will never be there on a Tuesday. I live/work in the Fort Wayne area which is about a 2 hour drive to Indy. I work every weekday 8-5 (actually I’m usually there longer than 5).

If someone can give me a good reason to come down on a weekend then I wouldn’t mind making the trip once-in-awhile. I have seen talk of a tournament in January so that would be perfect for me so long as the weather cooperates a bit. But yeah if there is a bunch of you guys getting together on some Saturday (Dave, Mario, usual Gameworks players) just let me know ahead of time and I will do my best to make the trip.

I get out of class at 8 PM so I sometimes stop by gameworks on my way home and play for a little bit. PM if you plan on going this Tuesday and I will try to stop by.


Check on page 2. It got hype for a little while. I made one trip down there for a gaming pary then I met up with them again at the bloomington at Dave’s gaming party.

oh wow, i didnt realize you guys organized this on here. i went to one of the tarkington meets, and i went over to a someone’s apartment at least twice for gaming nights at purdue where some people drove from quite aways. maybe i have met a handful of people on the board already.

You’ve probably met me then. What’s your main game, character?

guilty gear, i would play as ky, but i also know millia, dizzy, i-no, and testament.

The next Indianapolis tournament is 1/5/08 and it sounds like they have some big plans…

Y’all should be out for this one. Show support for the Indiana gaming scene and help it continue to grow.