3rd strike players in West Lafayette,IN?

Its actually 1/12/08 and west lafayette should def. be there.

never heard of pugg what is it?

Purdue University Gamers Group, an official club recognized by the university.


I’m one of the people that recently graduated. I was all up for playing, but classes and the 360 upgrade kinda left me hanging for a while so there was little motivation to really play all that much. I just got the Hori EX2 pad at Fry’s today so I’m gonna screw around with that to get a feel for it. It also helps now that I have a little extra time on my hands.

As for PUGG, if you’re looking for figher players, then it’s best you look elsewhere. PUGG is more into the PC shooter or RTS kind of games, but you might find one person. I did try to play someone in a fighter once but I had to practically beg him to play. Really, there, if it’s not CS, Halo or Super Smash Bros, then it won’t get all that much attention.

But there are some dedicated people that are floating around campus. Just look around or hang out around the arcade machines and they’re around.

Wow, I didn’t know that you guys still posted on here. What’s going on these days?

How are you doing these days Cloud Strife? Anything new goiong on? We talked quite a bit the last time we met up.

I live in South Bend

Hey, it’s been a while. Not much, haven’t played as much as I use to (mostly because I haven’t gotten together with anyone to play).

I should have finished before Anime, but my stupid project kept me back.

hey im in south bend :sad:

Hey Basik, I didn’t know you were so close. This is immortal from the ST Super Sundays thing on kaillera. I play with the Fort Wayne players which is something like 2.5 hours away I believe.

Are you planning on going to Evo North this year? I certainly plan to attend. Or if you ever feel like making the trek to Fort Wayne sometime let us know.