3rd Strike Podcast: How to be a 3rd Strike Scumbag by Ryan, Yuuki, and JP Pherai EPISODE 2 UP


Episode 1

Discussing 3rd Strike Online Edition and the upcoming patch!



shoutout to glory holes.






Great stuff Ryan, much appreciated.


8 bit piano tunes. Boss.

Menus, Orange, is very warm. And every character win, is a diff color. Putting that behind a portrait may be the best way to differentiate Ryu vs Ryu who is which side.

I do this when wasting time in Ranked, Hold Up/down. So you get ping ping ping,
ufcgym the john pwns v2.

Anytime an opponent comes up, you get a sound. Forgot to tell anyone. Too busy saying: “Don’t play Ranked” Just do a subtle sound like that, not a sound worker dude, reverb TREBLE bumping up KILL…BEEP or something loud as shit. I play on headphones late at night sometimes so don’t want loud abrasive stuff.

Shit only 30 ppl would know or ask!
Chun stage 2p corner, bamboo breaking is supposed to have a sound too right? Subtle not huge.
Hugo back dash, completely silent in OE. That is correct?

I don’t even want to say more after asking for default, arcade style stage select in this forum, got double bashed by posters who are never ever seen in here & I’ll bet you they aren’t afficianados of the best music in 3s stages. Jokers go Random anyway to get Gill / Remy / Yang only all the time.

Will PM you guys about Bay Area, have gone to SF for video game offices, had an effect on games once, contacts and how those went. Hope Capcom Bay Area is as nice & receptive to 3s players, as other companies can be to fans and Iron Galaxy is trying to be.

^ “Makoto Mike,” other guys still exist for that. San Jose heads?!

Koku-Nuki 2013 GAME VERSUS~ JR. >>> Tournament of Legends

Kusumundo is a boss though. 3s has a player named BOSS… they just don’t know.[/details]


good stuff. re: EX moves, my buddy and I spent a lot of time messing with them right after they announced the patch. negative edge of a normal can definitely cancel an EX move, and yeah like you guys mention it’s the same in arcade. my best guess is that the timing being slightly off in OE changes the timing relationship between those normals and EX moves and that’s what people notice.


Video is private, wtf is this shit?


one question, how can I view this? it keeps saying private video.


sorry chief. had to re-upload. should be fixed now.


Ryan, did you get a chance to discuss the possibility of adjusting the way the other color packs are handled. Like on PS2 you just hold start and select a color and its the alternates. Do they have any plans on making it more convenient to switch between the different packs? And are there any plans to include the disable bonus stages dipswitch like on CPS3?


How hard is it really to just adjust the characters portraits?
Putting a colored square next to the unchanged default-colored portrait is really ghetto.

Changing the in-game character portraits would be a great opportunity to fix and polish some other issues:

  • Character portraits do not face the center of the screen
  • Q’s portrait was done by an artist named Chamba, and the rest by Ikeno. Good design is focused on consistency, so it is weird to have a different artist just for this character.
  • Some of the portraits were cropped in a weird way to fit the little square. In my opinion, Oro’s in-game portrait looks strange with his head cropped right above his eyes.
  • Ryu’s 2P character portrait is 1 pixel off to the right, revealing some of the background. This is minor, though.

Replacing the inside portraits will probably fix all of this. It will make the product look more polished and better, more fitting to the great game 3rd Strike is.

I can volunteer to recolor Ikenos artwork to match the 7 default colors of all the characters. I dont think DLC colors are an issue, just match them to the corresponding button to the default ones.

And check this out: I literally just listened to the podcast, and it took me less than 20 minutes to do this recoloring on the track-pad of my notebook.


Nice! Thanks for recording this. You guys should do more.

I have some thoughts about the sound issues. Since they’ve said that the reason Twelve’s voice is no longer garbled is a result of not being able to use a CPSIII hardware specific filter/effect, maybe that’s the cause of the other sound problems.

It sounds like they got the original arcade sfx and just dumped them in there. What if the CPSIII version had hardware specific instructions that would amplify or reduce the level of sounds on a case by case basis? For example Ken’s shoryu plays at 85% volume, whereas Oro’s snoring plays at 45%. Just a simple instruction using the CPSIII’s inherent sound system to adjust things here and there. That could explain why some things sound fine and others jump out as way off.

If I had to pick a few things that are very important to me (in descending order) I’d say:

I agree with Ryan about the game speed- it’s pretty close so they probably shouldn’t fuck with it. If this patch is screwed up we’ll be stuck with the results forever.


Oh, I forgot to mention- IG getting a waiver to bypass the cap on information sent is very very cool. THANK YOU!


yo Ryan maybe we can have a session on skype with this, i could bring Mutant too


so sudden. you mentioned this ages ago i think.

also yes please have east coast involved.


thanks for sharing. i have some comments on a few things:

location filtering: this is a tricky one because it depends on where you live. canadian players prefer being lumped into “north america” for the same reasons ryan mentioned. similary, i’d imagine that european players would probably also prefer “europe” to be a region instead of being divided by countries. but since japanese players obviously want their own region, i’m not sure how regions should be allocated to appease as many people as possible.

disabling stun in training mode: when i asked for this, i didn’t mean it should be disabled for everybody. i meant that “stun” options already exist, so being able to disable it (like some other games let you, eg. kofxiii) should be there. i think pherai was saying that it’s good to see the amount of stun a move or combo does, but nobody is saying that this should be removed. aside from the post i made where i stated my reasons for wanting this, i don’t know what else to say.

super selection in multi-match modes: ryan mostly spoke about tournament mode, and yeah that died after a couple months like most gimmick modes do, but there are still multi-match formats in player matches. it’s not that common for people to use them but it don’t think that means it should have problems.

gameplay speed: like yuuki, i used to think PS2 was faster than OE, but the jump/synch tests are showing this isn’t true. combined with the fact that OE is based on PS2, i don’t know if we have a reason to continue believing this.

training mode record function: there might be some misunderstanding here. in the past ports, when you could record your own character to watch a combo or whatever, most people viewed that as an error. nobody thought this was more important than being able to record the dummy, so in the first patch the record function was changed to do the latter so that we wouldn’t have to use parry training to record the dummy like we used to.

autoguard/quickrise of recorded dummy: pherai said that he actually preferred that the dummy does these things automatically, but i disagree. the dummy’s blocking pattern should be based on what you decide it should be instead of what the training menu forces. i posted about this in the glitch thread since i had no idea anybody would consider this to be an advantage. i can understand how getting the dummy to quickrise without having to record it would be beneficial (since it can be hard to predict the timing of your own quickrise input), but i think i should test this more to see if the dummy can quickrise from your own inputs with quickrise turned off before i can support this.

urien sphere noise: afaik it makes the same sound in the arcade and all other versions, it’s just way louder in OE. there are times when an entirely wrong sample plays, but i don’t think this is one of them.

proper stages: lol… thanks for mentioning this. good to know i got through to somebody. instead of including those options in the stage select box like i suggested in another thread, a different idea is to make use of other buttons. eg. the select box has the same options it does now, but L1 automatically selects the P1 character’s stage and R1 selects the P2 character’s stage.


I know Billy Kane and some folks complained about PS3 lag in HD setups. Maybe it’s a speed issue though. When playing PS3 and 360 (HD and SD), I felt their speed was a bit different from each other with 360 being the better of the two.


Wasn’t the patent for input display only for “displaying inputs of a pre recorded combos” or something?

Also, i maintain adding hitboxes, charge bars, hyakuretsu, denjin view, 360, etc, should be really easy to implement, the hardest (longest actually) part is to add the option to enable/disable them in option menu. Truly, you only need to read a value in RAM and draw/fill boxes on screen. That’s all. They can easily find (or i can give them) all needed RAM addresses used on CPS3 emul, they would just probably need to adjust them a little to OE system.
Not really important though, just saying, emul would be better for this anyway with the possibility to record combos frame by frame, but still…

I agree with Ryan and Chad about the game speed.
But, IMO, IG must debunk this, i mean compare it carefully with cps3 version. This and the input delay and consistency. And then, they’ll think about fixing it or not, doesn’t really matter, as you guys said, it’s currently acceptable.
Some pretty easy test can be done, specially if they have their own professionnal tools.
The stick being wired with LED to compare the amount of time between one action and its display on screen is a must do. Tests on CRT monitor exclusively.
Something else, also easy, would be to record a very tight combo with a programmable stick (like the necro 6 x down back.hp vs alex/urien, 6 x1 frames links i think?) and try to do it on console and on cps3 (i hope they got one).

Anyway, lots of tests possible. And if they really want to reassure 3s community, why not share debunk info during the dev process? At least with Ryan.

I may seem to insist on this a lot, but I do want a version allowing me to be able to switch easily between it and arcade without any muscle memory problem.
I don’t really care about aesthetic issues: replace thrash can shoryus with fart noises, Chun stage music with some country shit and draw some pony on Aegis, that’ll be ok to me as long as the damn game is feeling exactly the same as arcade on gameplay pov!