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Player questionnaire started by boss recently. I wanted to translate this because I know if I couldn’t, I’d love for someone else to. Since I’m limited to my iPhone, my kanji sucks and my vocabulary isn’t perfected, I tried to use multiple words to try to better convey what they were trying to say. I hate hearing interviews where the translator misses the tone and depth of the speaker so I apologize in advance. most importantly I wanted to add that the last comment was not written in a harsh manner. hopefully aku can contribute/correct me where I can word things differently if need be. There are others I will translate in the next couple days and hopefully there will be more japanese players filling the questionnaires out soon!

*added tominaga’s. these are posted on 3rd diary. http://3rddiary.blog104.fc2.com/

  1. Whats your name and its origin?

My name is boss. when I was entering local tournaments I was entering with my initials. The Tournaments in other areas, people were using game-names so i looked over at the vending machine and saw " can coffee boss". The first time I think i used this game name was at the preliminaries for GNC-hai at mikawajima.

  1. How long is your history with 3rd strike?

From the very beginning.

  1. Where is your home arcade?

Right now it’s cube in koenji, though i go only once or twice a month. I guess lately I’ve been going to ooyama newton on Wednesdays.

  1. How did you start playing 3rd strike?

At the time I was playing around with games casually at the arcades and by chance it was the new game released then.

  1. Who’s your main and why?

Makoto / Yun
Makoto: the reward is higher with her for itten yomi (one point guess/one guess). Easier to get results against stronger characters.
Yun: because he’s an “all-rounder” he’s more stable than makoto. I tend to end up practicing with him before a tournament.

  1. Which players do you respect/admire?

Kokujin for being serious about competing/playing. he’s probably one of the few people that will challenge/play you forever unless you say to him lets stop.
mov and kuroda for always evolving and trying to get stronger/seeking perfection.

  1. Who do you consider your rival?
    Even though I team up with him a lot my rival is rikimaru. he’s the kind of rival you can be satisfied with, win or loss.

  2. Which new players has your attention?

Atsushi, hiyama and matsumoto from koenji and miuchi biikeda(?)
Because they have potential, i believe it’s my job/task to help them reach their potential in the future.
From kansai I think killer machine, chance and matsushita. I didnt play them for too long but I got a feeling they have potential/get much stronger with time.

  1. Are there any matches that left an impression on you/memorable matches?

An old memory is playing a ken-ken set against hirai. I was able to realize you can get stronger/grow during a battle.
a recent one is the first chisho matches during danisen with makoto. even though I didn’t put out the result I wanted, I am content with the fact my strengths/good parts came out in the matches.

  1. What’s one adjustment you’d make to 3rd strike?

that’s a very difficult question, but if I had to choose one thing I’d disable chun li’s crouch mk x houyoku.

  1. Give us your self analysis

I think i have a high ability to analyze my opponents. I’m able to figure them out the 1st round and beat them the 2nd and 3rd round.
I’m also able to show them my tachimawari (ground game/zoning/etc) and change it up on them. During tournaments if the teammates behind me are strong I tend to rush to win and in the future I’d like to work on playing how I would normally in that situation.

  1. What do you think is a fun point of 3rd strike?

The ability to make your opponents do what you want/controlling them. Where they think they chose a move themselves but in actuality I’ve made them choose that move.

  1. Will you continue 3rd strike in the future?

Sadly my desire to play in danisen has been gone for sometime. However, I’d still like to participate in events/tournaments as much as possible.

  1. Any last words?

players ask me vague questions like how can I get better. please go to the arcade, and figure out specific areas/questions that you’re having trouble with before asking me.

(^q^)< Tominaga

  1. What’s your game name and origin?

(^q^)< My name is tominaga and it’s my real last name! I’ll never forgive the atsushi from koenji!*

*tominagas first name is also atsushi, and this is directed at atsushi ibuki. they’re good friends.

  1. How long have you been playing 3rd strike?

(^q^)< Because I’ve been playing 10 years."*

*a famous tominaga quote. he saids it a lot jokingly when asked questions about the game.

  1. Where’s your home arcade?

(^q^)< At first it was Jinboushou taro. after that closed all over the place. Currently I often play at game-versus.

  1. How did you start playing 3rd strike?

(^q^)< I already had been playing capcom fighting games so when 3rd strike came out I thought “oh a new game came out” and played it here and there a few times.

  1. Who is your main and why?

(^q^)< My main character is makoto. I saw the “itachi combo” in the gamest* and thought it was too cool, I have to do it too, and that’s where it began.

*gamest mook(strategy book) not sure what the itachi combo is.

  1. Who are players you respect/admire?

(^q^)< Kenzo and Boss. They’re too good at reading people and punishing people. I think they don’t get left hanging to dry often. * I’m envious.


  1. Who are your rivals?

(^q^)< The number of rivals/enemies have increased lately, I wonder why.

  1. Which new players have your attention?

(^q^)<All the new players in general. there’s been a lot of strong ones appearing recently.

  1. Any memorable matches?

(^q^)< My first kuroda kumite. I could never beat kuroda ibuki. Maybe I couldn’t even win now. It was the first time I couldn’t beat someone that convincingly.

  1. If you could change one thing about 3rd strike what would it be?

(^q^)< I’d make it easier for Wfukiage to land on chun li and ibuki. Then make oro, alex, dudley, and q’s stun bar normal length. No whiff animation for karakusa. Make the gauge for tosa (sa2) 3 stocks.

  1. Give us your self analysis

(^q^)< I’m slightly more lucky than everyone. I’m not looking at the screen.

  1. What’s one fun part of 3rd strike?

(^q^)< No matter how strong player is, they have to do something/make a choice at some point. When I win the rock-paper-scissors then, there’s something that releases in my brain. It feels good.

  1. Will you continue playing 3rd strike?

(^q^)< Yea, I’ll keep devoting myself to getting stronger.

  1. any last words?

(^q^)< Hey guys, don’t get mad over games!*

*also a famous tominaga quote. the way he saids this more similiar to “hey boys and girls(kids), dont get angry because of games”


Nice one Yuuki! much appreciated :smiley:


Wow I can read these forever.
Why don’t famous non-Japanese players do this too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cause who fucking cares

I mean, it’s not like non-japanese players are so good that they should be like idols or anything (except my lord and savior Pherai)
If you’re a good 3s player, you probably already met all the big heads from america and you would know everything, and the rest you can read theyr posts on the forum

waiting for a kuroda and roshihikari interview ! Good shit Yuuki


Thanks for this!


should collect the other ones and link them here or something?


Yeah, link them here. I’d definitely like to know more as well.


He gave up the Jesus name, or that one died, but we still quote him and his scriptures all the time!

The new Bible? - http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/04/08/you-can-smoke-snoop-doggs-new-book-no-really/

The questionairre is very cool and the answers might even be similar among players that never met up before or are from very different scenes, and they might not be active anymore, but the SF25th competitors quick blurb about yourself left much to be desired or a lot was left unsaid when actually many were pretty cool, for example: GG Nica.

Yeah, sometimes things aren’t for the online. Why make any new posts when it gets miscontrued or this top player said this. Some Kid in another forum here ranoff the Arcade Relief story, word for word copied from like Louiscipher made waves with his passion, without knowing the whole story (he left out all the mad by the owner to police and not just the time issue and players, & RayRamos is tight, so that’s not the whole story) and we’ve never seen him in this forum. Like out of state players, farther than Renic or I walked there, 2 hours, cuz Dander possible but hard to understand, saw 2 car accidents on the way, I don’t want to talk about it… again.

vandark, you should hear a cool pherai story from me one day then. Add it to all your history. I’ll probably remember it closer to EVO time and just retell it to the forum when I’m probably going to re-tell some more anyway. Its not the glory hole one though, that one’s too legendary. You probably know more about that than me.


this is very cool!

If people are interested in translating, I can post up scans of the player interviews from the Coop Cup booklet (w/ Boss, SHO, Mester and Sugiyama)

<3 @vandarkholme


Do it Jon!!


Ok, I already had the Sugiyama one scanned on facebook so here it is…


Hope that is clear enough. FYI that picture is at Game Newton Ooyama.


Can someone translate the one from Sugiyama?..Maybe aku can do this.


Added tominaga’s and URL to 3rd diary


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Looks like Raoh and Rikimaru’s answers are up.


Yup. rikimarus is really good, he writes a whole lot more though haha.


I want so much to read Sugiyama speak about Necro, what he think about the character, matchups etc…


Yeah I actually care about some names: Yi, Pyro (US), Gunfight (France), PaulT, Hong (Australia/Hong Kong), DBKoopa (Korea)… :slight_smile:

Rikimaru’s one is pretty interesting haha.


Pretty sure we could arrange this


Since I have a little time off to do so, here is Rikimaru.
EDIT: Thanks to yuuki for the proofread, as well.
EDIT: Thanks to ryan for the clear-up regarding BBK.

①Please give us your name and where it came from.
It’s the real name of someone I hated back in middle school.

②How long have you been playing 3rd Strike?
This will be my 6th year.

③Where is your main arcade(or “home arcade” in this case)?
It used to be Senzai Toriyama Game Plaza 21st Century,
but since that place closed down, I am “homeless”.

④Please tell us how you first got into 3rd Strike.
I was an offhand gamer, so I just fooled around at the arcade, and played the console version as well.

The moment I FIRST started, happened one day when I was just mashing around at the arcade,
where this one guy appeared out of nowhere and just beat the living daylights out of me.

I had no clue about the game’s system or whatnot, at the time.
As a shitty Ken player back then, I recklessly tried to get in with dashes and jump-ins,
and the only things I did were “throw” and “Shoryu”.
This was during a time where I didn’t even know basic fighting game terms.

So at that time, this man:
[]…was untouchable,
]…would touch on my bad habits
[]…couldn’t be beat with random tactics
]…would attack and throw me if I did nothing
[*]…would parry and punish me if I did something
This man showed such baffling levels of overwhelming strength, something that I never experienced until that point.

That man was MOV.

I thought to myself, “Games sure can be amazing”, and started watching and copying his game.

I couldn’t even bear going in front of that arcade again, so I secluded myself to my local area,
but when I saw MOV win SBO in 2006, that left such an everlasting impression on me that I decided to switch to Chun-Li.

I didn’t really step outside,
but one time when I was at Shibu-spo(an arcade in Shibuya), Ebara(who just started the game) said to me,

“MOV said he wants to teach you.”

And then I thought to myself,

“What a pain in the ass, what the hell does he mean by ‘taking me outside to teach me a game’…”

But I also knew that I just received the chance of a lifetime,
so I decided to regularly go to Shibuya, and have MOV become my teacher.

Since then, I’ve become addicted with the game up to this point. And that’s how it is.

⑤Your main character and why you chose them

Chun-Li…because that was MOV’s character too

⑥Players that you respect

MOV…even now I still think it’s amazing how he approaches this game. He takes the fullest advantage to the game’s system. He’s the most earnest player.

Nitto…he plays a lot of theory fighter, but his crazy rushdown style is very cool.

Mester…the only person that can make fun of him is me. He should follow his own teachings that he gave me, and he’ll definitely be stronger. Why can’t he do what he preaches!

Raoh…he tought me how to have fun with this game.

Ino…his way of thinking in the game is so one-sided it’s incredible. He’s really good at tricking morons.

Boss…he’s very sloppy, but also very strong. The way he’s able to construct various theories with the game, not to mention his reading and quickness. Mister Third Strike.

KO…there is no wasted movements in his game. He eliminates any unneeded movements and tactics in his game, and shows very easily some overwhelming strength.

Momochi…He is an execution machine…or rather WAS. He had a sixth sense for fighting, and his rushdown speed was out of control. Generally good at games.

Kokujin…he is very good at meter and life management. You may think his style is very rushdown and crazy, but in actuality he’s making very minute, intricate points in his game. Even though I can’t say he’s good at other games, his strength and badassery are works of art.

Haitani…exceptionally good at meter and life management. Always a method behind his madness, he’s so strong his matches get to the point where you go “It’s almost over already??”. Very well-balanced top player.

Nuki…he as a person is just too strong. He’s so sick that he can react to anything he sees. Impossible to try and impersonate.

There are many more, but I’m going to have to stop here since I could just keep going.

⑦Players you consider your rivals

Boss…I’ve teamed up with him a lot lately, but even if we part ways our motives and wills are similar to the point where we can have some very heated battles. One of the few players out there who can understand my thoughts.

Tackle Maeda…I’ve always wanted to play against him more.

KO…this might be ridiculous to say, but our matches always become fights to the death. I always have fun when playing against him.

Nitto…if this game gets boring to me, playing against him will always remind me of why it’s fun.

⑧Players you have your sights set on

Kochiya…I could see in his eyes that he became stronger. Mester is apparently teaching him, so I have high hopes for him. He also eats beef bowls way too fast.

Moto…very flexible in terms of theory fighting. He sees 3rd Strike differently compared to any other player out there. Another player I have high hopes for.

Chakotarou…whether it be casuals, or crying while drinking beer after losing a tournament, he’s always quite hype. I think he could roll something good though, so I want him to keep trying. He’s getting stronger, but he also needs to boost up his execution and confidence in his game.

Sakurada…he’s an idiot, but he’s such an idiot that he’s good. I don’t know if he has any more room for improvements, but he always brings something for us to expect in tournaments.

Iyan…Flo and I love how much effort he puts into his game. We’re both looking to see what he does with it.

BBK*…he has five girlfriends, but his pattern’s been simultaneously trying to find a woman to marry. I absolutely wish him nothing but the best.

⑨Are there any matches that you remember dearly?
SBO 2007, Kanagawa vs LAST BOSS
No need for words. Just watch, and quiver.

⑩If there was anything in the game that you could fix…?
I want to add a system where guys I hate would sit on the opposite side of the cab, and get shocked to death.

[]I can do something immediately when told, and I put in effort.
]I can deal with situations quickly.
[]I tend to get enraged very easily.
]My will to not lose is strong.
[]I rarely drop things in-game.
]I’m mentally ill.
⑫What do you think is interesting about 3rd Strike?
You can make fun of morons AND kill them at the same time.

In other games, stupidly strong actions are intently strong. So even if a moron does nothing but that, you’ll either go insane trying to stop them, or try with all your might to find a gap and beat them and whatnot. But in 3rd Strike, the parry feature is a beautiful tool that can clearly eliminate everything a moron does and make a fool out of him.

⑬Have you decided on continuing to play 3rd Strike from this point on?
I haven’t made up my mind yet.

⑭Final words
Stop getting just familiar with your opponents immediately and just beat the shit out of him.
Do not stir up your weak habits.
It pisses me off whenever I see this.
Play the game. Shut up and take it seriously. Don’t just immediately listen to others. Think for yourself.
"At least pretend that you’re thinking, even if you don’t know."
There is no way you’ll ever become better with this train of thought.
Be more ruthless to win.
You guys aren’t playing a game where you’re covered with the intent to murder the moment you press the Start button.

These habits:

①"I want to get better!"
②"I want to beat ----!"
③"We had a good team! I want to win with this team next time!“
④"Hey Rikimaru, I came to hit you with a Shoryu…( ̄ー ̄)”

And you’re trying to get along with top players on Twitter or at the arcades with this?

①"Never gonna happen."
②"Never gonna happen."
③"Just kill yourself, because your team sucks. Never gonna happen.“
④"Go back to Nagoya.”

It is important to keep your stance straight and center.

People who talk about various stuff after big tournaments, people who get drunk off their own words and boast,
are people whom I have NEVER seen try to put any serious effort into their games.

Who cares if you piss off others and just keep putting coins in like you own the cab?
It’d be better if you made time with a strong player and played some serious games with them.

All of you punks are just wasting away your time.
Nothing will change from just that.

The preceding words were towards those that want to be serious at 3S.

For everyone else that wants to play this game for fun, go ahead and have fun!
I’ll teach you guys whatever you want.
Feel free to loosen up and ask.
This especially goes for you OE players.

Let’s all have fun and play this game together at home, guys.
Games are fun, yo~

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