3rd strike questionnaire started by boss


Maybe Raoh talked about Umehara so you hate to translate it aku? :stuck_out_tongue:


Double post: Hayao’s one is up!!!


TM’s and TK’s are up too.


When you get a chance please do TM. Bet he’s interesting. Q players unite!



TM is the sickest 3s player in the sense that if you saw him in an arcade, you’d think “that dude is the sickest guy here!” very kakoi!

and of course hes really sick in game too


I’m slowly working on TM and Hayao’s interviews. Please be patient, I’ve been having a heck of a workload lately. ;(


Thanks for these translations man, these are very interesting. Looking forward to Hayao’s interview.


Everyone should be patient, and should be grateful. I wish I could help


How are the interviews for Hayao and TM going? Also, Pierrot’s is up already


Kuroda’s up. Looks like a joke, lol.

That said… thanks for the awesome translations guys!


Did everyone forget about this thread?!


anyone else get real excited when this thread gets bumped until they realize it was by tartarushugo?


Hey y’all, seems kind dead up in here so RESURRECTION up in this bitch.

Here’s Hayao’s interview: http://www.burdicks.net/aaron/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/hayao.txt

I would love any help with the translation as I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, but I tried my damndest.


sick! Hayao is a very interesting player


Anyone of you that traveled to Japan ever played against Hayao?


Couldn’t it be said that a lot of these training mode players have played against all these players by simply shadow boxing them and developing a counter strategy?

I’m just being condescending, ignore me.



Well I haven’t played against Hayao, but I traveled to gamespace Vegas a few times since I’ve been here, and the people that play there are very hardcore. It’s a really tiny place with about 6 3s machines going at any particular time. In particular, I got to play a set of about 30 with Rori, probably one of the best Dudley’s in the Japan. I won about 2 or 3 matches lol. My necro got shitstomped, but he gave me a ton of great advice. Cool guy.

ANYWAY, I asked about Hayao and he pointed out the Danizen board to me. Hayao is ranked in the group second from the top. Ridiculous considering he plays Hugo. Haitani, Rori, and a chun player were at the top (umezono maybe?).

Also, they had a board showing the days certain players would come. And Hayao’s name was up there. If you come and you want to play against Hayao, perhaps you should call the arcade first and ask which night he will be there. I should have :\ Next time!


paging @Fran3s

I know Fran has played him several times


Here’s Kuroda’s: http://www.burdicks.net/aaron/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/kuroda.txt

It hardly needed translating really. Kinda surprised by the thing at the end though…


Kuroda has hit puberty finally!

He is still the best though.