3rd strike riddle

Explain this image:

<a href=“http://imgur.com/HVKOt”><img src=“http://i.imgur.com/HVKOt.jpg” alt="" title=“Hosted by imgur.com” /></a>

99 on the clock, opposite starting sides. What just happened?

and is or isn’t sean jerking off yang?

I think he’s trying, but Yang’s making him work for it.

Sean did a f.HK and hopped over Yang while he was doing a Mantis Slash.

Sean’s the easy part, but figuring out Yang was trickier since that particular frame could be either his Palm, Mantis Slash, Zenpou Tenshin or f.MK. I ruled out the Palm since it’d most likely trade or beat out the f.HK, and f.MK would have been hit out of. Zenpou and Slashes both lower Yang’s upper hitbox, but then I remember that he’s behind Sean in the pic so he moved forward from the latter.

yangs just doing his hop kick. It’s a fun game though, maybe we can do more of these riddles. I can think of some really situation specific weird frames.

I checked the animation frames, that’s definitely his Mantis Slash. Sean’s f.HK would have hit him out of the hop kick anyway.

I see now. hmm, very similar. Maybe there should be spoilers alerts if people are going to actually check the frame data though. I think the point is to make a best guess.

Well, kara-Zenpou Tenshin would have probably been the only other move to make him duck below the hop kick, but the range isn’t nearly as good as the screen capture would let on.


  1. Yang did his leg hop kick.
  2. Sean dashed under that and the input for the double-leg takedown reversed.

edit-- hmmm i think,

Breakdown, since I had some time to kill :V




can he do mantis slash that fast? remember the time on the clock

I’ve got a few more funny moments if you guys want me to post screens and you can figure out what moves are going on.

  • Mantis Slash is a very fast move.
  • The 3rd Strike timer is slower than you’d think. It’s not as slow as MvC2’s, but it’s still noticeable. Check out any video and see for yourself.

Looking forward to them. This is actually pretty fun. :slight_smile:

bah i cant find them