3rd Strike ROM?!

So I was browsing some site for roms just a while ago and I saw a 3rd Strike rom. I thought they couldn’t emulate the board yet or something… anyone wanna help me out?:confused: :confused:

EDIT: Please don’t consider this like a request or anything, I just would like to know if it’s actually legit… and if people are maybe playing it on Kaillera??

They can’t. It doesn’t work. However, MAME still lists games even if they’ve made very little progress in emulating them. If you try to load it, it’ll just tell you THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK in a huge dialogue box.

edit: I would also like to mention that it’s been listed for quite a while now and recent games such as Third Strike will take a long ass time to ever work properly (think 5 to 10 years, or even longer) and even when they do get them working, it will take a hell of a lot of processing power for them to run properly. In fact, many of the newly emulated games that they’ve made good progress in hardly even run on my 3 GHz computer. That combined with the fact that the graphics are not emulated properly and glitched to hell makes them pretty much unplayable.

Wow. Well, thanks for the info. I guess I’ll just go back to my anniversary collection then… or DreamCast…

Yeah I’d expect Dreamcast emulation prior to CPS3 stuff, since DC will probably get more interest.

The CPS3 roms have been available for years, it’s just that CPS3 encryption has never been cracked, and the fact that it only has 6 games (3 SF3, 2 JoJo, and Warzard/Red Earth) doesn’t make it an attractive choice to put so much effort in cracking.

And to the above poster, Dreamcast emulation has been around for awhile now (how else do you think those 3S/MvC2/CvS2 sprite rips get done?), same goes with PS2 emulation.