3rd Strike Rookie - Super Art cancelling with Ken?


I’m getting back into 3rd Strike recently and I haven’t played since I was young so I never took this game seriously, but for the life of me I cannot combo into Super Arts and I have no idea why.

I’m trying to land -

Ken x3 cr.lk xx SA3

Ken cr.mk xx SA3

Ken TC xx SA3

I cannot do ANY of these at all, and I have literally zero fucking idea why and it’s annoying the crap out of me. If somebody would be willing to throw any advice my way to help I’d appreciate it, is it a timing issue? Are my inputs messy? I don’t feel like they are? I’m so confused! Every player I’ve asked on GGPO says they’re ridiculously easy but I can’t seem to get it down.


First you do a Qcf. While cr.my the another qcf. Xx Into any lk mk hk which ever fills comfortable to you the same with the 3x cr.lk though I’d use 2x cr.lk three may whiff a lot you can do cr.lk cr.lp cr.lk x sa3


Don’t forget you can drum across the buttons for super so you get 6 inputs. But, yeah you need to make sure you’re buffering the QCFs.


Is the timing of the input slightly strict then? I’ve only been using one input and haven’t had much success but I just drummed it out like you said and got it a couple times, need to work on my buffering timing though.


It’s kinda strict, not awful. Probably feels moreso if you’re coming off of playing a lot of SFIV. I think a good way to practice hit confirms and super cancels is with Cr. Short, Cr.short super. Start at down or DB, cr. short, do QCF as the short is happening and get back to down, repeat and then drum across to get supper at the end if the two shorts hit.


Sounds good to me, you’re definitely right in saying it’s due to SFIV that game has really messed with my ability to play the older SF games properly, I’m at least glad I’ve been able to win games without actually using SAs at all and just good fundamentals. I’d like access to my damage now though it’s getting a little stressful. Thanks a lot, I’ll go and train it next time I can get on 3rd Strike.


Yeah all about buffering.

cr. LK -> QCF ->cr.LK->QCF ->Your confirm is just pressing the kick button for the super. Mix and match that with all your strings.
Their is a lot of artificial execution like this in 3S to make hit confirms possible.


^Bad advice, just press cr.lkx2 and then cancel your last cr.lk into super
You can even cancel just one cr.lk, you need to practice. The game is rewarding and played competitively over 15 years due to player dedication, practice, and passion.

You can practice Ken TC like this until you get better: MPxHPxHadoukenxSA3
You are allowed to cancel certain supers into Super Arts


You said the 3S forums looked a little dead… and you are right (especially lately) but there are some knowledgeable and players in there.
I recommend posting here, may take a little bit to get to your answer, but I don’t remember seeing any bad advice here


How is this bad advice? Buffering into supers is a common 3s tactic as long as you don’t have to worry about overlapping inputs. I started playing the game 9 years ago and have found many, if not most people use that approach. This way it’s much more confirmable than trying to cancel off the minimal hitstun at the end.


I’ve tried cancelling without buffering and it seems very difficult, especially when I’m trying to hit confirm on top of that. I much prefer buffering into my confirms it’s a lot easier in general, I can’t just cancel from the hitstun in 3rd Strike it seems really difficult to get consistently.


Really? Since the dawn of time I’ve only seen people do cr.lkx2 into super without buffer. Seems a little too convoluted to me but if it works for you and others then whatever floats your boat

Such a simple cancel yet it takes Everybody some amount of practice to get it down. If you choose to do it this way and stick to the practice, you’ll be able to do this in a match no problem


I guess I’ll try doing it raw again, but I didn’t seem to make any progress whatsoever when training it, usually I make at least slight advances when trying new fighters.


I’ve also been doing c.LK - QCF - c.LK - QCF and then press K if I hit for as long as I can remember. I don’t think it’s particularly convoluted.

The only actual problems I’ve had with the method are if I’m derping and not reacting to whether the LKs hit or not, if mistiming the second c.LK and getting a s.LK (which can’t be canceled), or if getting the super out by negative edge (I had a problem with not releasing the buttons fast enough).


If you’d shed some light on how you do this consistently I’d appreciate it, I can’t get it down.


Trust me, as a noob it’s really difficult. I remember dropping it consistently when I first started playing.

When hit confirming cr.lkx2, the only button you actually are confirming is the 2nd cr.lk which means, if you can nail cr.lk into super everytime in training mode, adding an additional cr.lk will help confirm in real matches.

Just go into training mode and practice cr.lkx2 into super and make sure all the hits combo.
Maybe cr.lk x cr.lp x cr.lk into super might be easier to start, it hits most characters and is very easy to visually confirm.


I’d really recommend you do the buffer method because a) It’s working for you and b) it allows you more time to confirm based on muscle memory.

Lights have very little hitstun in 3s, ever notice that here are no charge supers in 3s, the engine is designed with the buffer in use. Not saying it can’t or isn’t done the other way, but buffering does give you real time to hit confirm into supers.


Yeah, I much prefer the buffering route but it’s nice to always tackle the harder option, not to mention my buffering ability sucks.


That’s SF4 syndrome. Had the same problem when I started playing 3S.
The 3S forum has lots of posts about it, but it basically boils down to you being too slow and too messy with your inputs.


Yeah, I’m finding out my general stick dexterity is terrible and I’m even having trouble buffering correctly. I’m unsure about how to go about training this properly.