3rd Strike side tournament?

I know there are still a lot of 3rd Strike players going to EVO this year to play in Super and other games. Is there any interest in a 3rd Strike side tournament? I’ll gladly bring my PS2 and a copy with me if we can get a setup going.

I just got GGPO and got Third Strike on it, it’s pretty fun. First time playing, this game is awesome, I’d love to watch a Third Strike Tourney.

i’m down for a 3s side i can bring a ps2 and a copy of the game, though i’d have to use someone else’s stick :frowning:

i would cum buckets if there was 3s.

lets do it

Awesome, to support I’ll bring my…PS3 with no backwards compatibility…ok scratch that, my fightstick…but it won’t work on PS2 and I suck at third strike…my umm…fuck it I’ll just watch, you guys better organize this thing, I really want to see this happen.

Would be great to see

I don’t think too many REAL 3s players are going though. :frowning:

I was thinking of bringing my 3s cab to evo…but I want to know if I have to bring it there and back each day?
Or do they have like some storage room to put away stuff like the tvs?

There’s also the problem of the control panel being pretty cramped…

Well, as long as I find a way to get it here(and my board doesn’t die), you’ll at least have arcade 3s to have casuals on.
If I can’t bring my cab, there’s always the option of using someone else’s cab or supergun setup.

Hell, I’ve played 3s like twice and I’d still love to play some casuals on a cab, please bring yours!

Talk to Wizard or the Canon’s about it! There was an arcade section last year.

Definitely I would be up for it. John, if you need help organizing something I’ll gladly pitcjh in

I’m totally in for a 3s tournament.

count me in.

me and duralath wanted to throw a singles or small team tournament for 3s. (ps2 only) we just wanted to know if ppl are willing to sign up for it because if there aren’t enough players we won’t be able to use their tv’s.

also what would be the fastest (most logic) tournament for singles/teams? me and acslayer want to know who’s down for a gathering of a REAL fighting game…

I am down for entering this 3s action. If you need any help with setup or moving your cab down to Evo let me know Bolt. Worse case senario we can bring my cab and just hook up your 3s board in it. Unless everyone wanted to play 2nd Impact instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Bolt: I knew the guy who brought cabs last year and essentially you bring um down and they stay there untill you want to move them out. They lock up the convention rooms each night so your cab should be safe.



Haha. I’m down for some 3s…teams…singles…whatever

count me in folks!

I’m down for this as well