3rd Strike sprite site


Got a ?:What is the site thst has all of the 3rd Strike gifs?I’m looking for Chun-Li doing her Kikoken. Thanks


http://www.zweifuss.com/. :tup:



Thanks.I meant the gif for her Kikosho


well, since i linked the website in my previous post, you probably got it already.

but, in case you didn’t: http://www.zweifuss.com/colorswap.php?pcolorstring=Chun-liPalette.bin&pcolornum=0&pname=chun-li/chun-li-kikoushou.gif.

oh, and you’re going to want to take the [IMG] tags out of the quote. you can get an infraction for that.


Yeah, infraction with the quickness. Worthless stalks IMM…


Thanks for the link. I was reading an entry on his site, and it seems the guy just doesn’t feel like updating the site anymore. I am afraid he might delete it. Quick, somebody get all his sprites and files and host them somewhere else!


that site has been up for several years now, so i wouldn’t be too worried about it.

besides, i’m pretty sure fightersgeneration.com has hijacked most of the sprites from there by now.


Back in the day when I did sprite avs, I went on that site Zwei for the color selection


Really? Man, I hope so. Good content like this should be preserved!


I’m friends with the guy who runs the site, he said he might be taking it down soon. :frowning:



-_-’ ouch.

Time to save all the sprite packs I guess.


Dude, seriously? Tell your friend to give the content to somebody to host it. Shoryuken should host it :frowning:


I’m just friends with him on facebook. He might be a user on here though, its Joram or something like that. His e-mail is probably on his site too.


thanks for the heads up

grabbing everything incase of a fallout