3rd Strike Sprite Thread



the title says it all…
anything dealing with 3rd Strike Sprites…
requests, color edits, rips, etc…





Couple of Makoto color edits, based on various SF2 Ryu palettes.


i need sprite packs!!!

the originals i could get keep comming up as a currupt file.


Have you tried getting thme from Zweifuss.com? http://www.zweifuss.com/sprites.htm I know this site has been mirrored a few places, but this is the most current official address, so you might want to check. If not, I’ve got all of the zipped sprites, and could put them on rapidshare or something if need be.


ok, NOW IT WORKS!!! 0_o

anyway, thankx.:looney:


On a related note, anyone know how to open those PAL files to see the NG and 2I sprite palettes from Zweifuss’s site? The guy that runs that SF palette site (link below) said he was going to put them up but never did.





They’re in a specific format for Paint Shop Pro, so you need the program to use them.


They’re up now (minus Elena’s NG palettes).



holy shit its updated?!?!?!?!


Yes, I put up a bunch of stuff (NG, 2I, CFJ, among others) a couple of days ago.


Couldnt find the PDF sorrey but here are 2 that i did in the past


Jigsaw. Your website rulez and you rule for taking the time to put it up. Major props.


Thanks man. I’m just glad people like it and find it useful.










Spent a couple of hours today making this… even though I probably should’ve been doing something more constructive, like studying. :confused: Oh well.