3rd Strike Sys. Direction Video

By me:


That’s a pretty nice video, POTC music makes it own even more.

The Ryu combo is hilarious. :lol:

i can’t get the download started :frowning:



the Ryu segment was nice.


your avatar pwns!

Ahah, you know you love it.

And you gotta love Eurotrip.

Mi Scusi! Mi Scusi!

(hopefully, I got the “Bonjuirno” reference right.)

Damn…I got to fool around with SD some day.

Nice av DG. :lol:

Yeah.:lol: :lol:

Who is this bitch thinking he can slap down dudley?


Anyways nice vid. The quasi-infins. dragged a bit long when ppl would’ve gotten the idea, could’ve done more :]

ok got the vid working. it was cool but i don’t understand this concept of system direction. also what was the significance of those match vids besides the parrying?

a short answer or link to related threads would help, please. thanks :smiley:

Intense Ryu. Awesome vid all together.

who’s that arsh guy…he amazing :eek: :smiley:

OOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT. Don’t make me come to Orbit and win 1 out of 20 matches against you again with my retarded tactics.