3rd Strike/Tekken 5 DR Arcade Tournaments Sat APR 26, 7PM Nashville, TN

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
Arcade version, dedicated with PlayStation ports.

Saturday, 7PM, 4/26

$5 ENTRY, WINNER TAKE ALL. RoUND ROBIn or DOuble Elimination Depending on Entrants.

If more than 16 PAID ENTRIES show up, there will be a BONUS $75 added to the pot!

Soap Opera Laundry & Game Room
1100 Plaza Drive
Smyrna, TN 37167 (near Nashville)

$5 winner take all!

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

Saturday, 7PM, 4/26

If more than 16 PAID ENTRIES show up, there will be a BONUS $150 added to 1st PLACE ONLY.

I know there’s a good number of Tekken players in North Kentucky, I posted about this in their thread, let’s hope they’ll come down to this.

Oh shit, now I have a very good reason to learn how to play that damn game.

I’m not sure if I’ll be free on that weekend but I’ll see what I can do.

Hi. I am considering coming up from OH. Just wondering tho is the DR machine a ‘Vs’ cabinet (i.e one seat/ one screen per player, machines are back to back http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=iDqaPu_1daY) or is it the one screen, sit/ stand side by side machine?


One screen side by side. It’s the 27 inch model with PS ports on the sides.

Too hype!!! WILSON TOURNIES ARE THE BEST!! Come to tn for great comp!!

Once again, thank u FSGamer for letting us know about this.

I would love 2 go 2 this myself, but unfortunately, I do have 2 work that day 4 sure & I can’t call off @ all.

Nevertheless, I’ll definately let all the Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati Tekken players know about this 4 sure. Hopefully, some of the crew here can make it down there 4 this tourney. :tup:

Take it easy & have a good one everybody. Peace. :china:

Keep in mind, in order to get the extra cash, 16 have to show and PAY. There are like 3-4 dedicated Tekken players out here that I have never even met, and I assume 1-2 of them will show. Otherwise, it will be $5 with free play, winner take all.

I just used the PS ports yesterday on the cabinet, and it is fine; ) Looking forward to seeing who the heck shows to this…

Yeah!!! Let’s Go Bay Bay!!! Oh Yep!!!

We got MVC2 there now, WOW>

MVC2? it’s official smyrna, tn of all places has the best arcade in the south.

Yeah, it’s sad, now all we need are people to come more often, and of course, my secret weapon(s) if I get them soon.

One of these days Id like to check this place out!

It’s not bad considering it had 0 of these games 4 months ago. =)

Hi again. I can def confirm my apperance at this tournament. Looking forward to playing everyone.

Drago, find people. I’m telling ya, Nashville scene is rough, that’s why I have to offer extra money to GET 16. But at least there’s a lot of games to play!

Yes everyone this arcade is sick Soap Opera Battle ROUND TWO FIGHT!!!

All the machines are in good shape and work great. Plus you get to play tn’s finest :slight_smile: at 3s haha.

do you have this up on zaibatsu for the tekken heads jason?

Yeah I put it on Zaibatsu. I don’t know about all the machines being in great shape =P Just the fighting games and Rush that I put in the place =)

as long as the ports work it’s all good :o

Well the fighting game cabinets work regardless :wink: sticks and buttons, but if you want to play some crane games or pinball, you’re on your own.

haha, welll your machines are the only real machines in the place wilson HAHA. man this is going to roxor soxors…sweet.

there the only ones with lit up marquees LOL.

I hope at least 8 make it for 3s and the other games :slight_smile: