3rd Strike/Tekken 5 DR Arcade Tournaments Sat APR 26, 7PM Nashville, TN

I’ll be there!

Sdouble: I’m still seeing you after 5pm today, right? We’ll be running around at that arcade, my house, and the hot dog place…

what is this hot dog place?? ^)^

It’s right behind Soap Opera, it’s got nothing you want to play unless you like sports games and MKII

mane Dream i wish it was some way u could have GGAC in that game list,it would intise us to come more but i’ll try to get some memphis support…these guys play tekken and 3s,unlike myself,but maby we’ll make that 2hr trip…good luck on everything bro…

General, Guilty Gear is mainly played on console, though. This is an arcade tournament. We’ll have GGAC in the future but no sense if people don’t support the tourneys.

yeah I Know ,these guys play it all!

General, I’d like to see a Memphis player come here and take 3s. That’s not going to be easy. Tekken I can see, but not 3s. We more than welcome the comp.

yeah tekken will be won by memphis more than likely. 3s…HAHA. Yeah we welcome the comp, it’s going to be too much fun. :slight_smile:

SDouble: That’s if anyone from Memphis shows, which I doubt…they won’t win 3s. Nashville will take 3s no matter what =P

yeah i could see you guys owning in 3s…i dont doubt your powers… wish i was good at 3s…i would love the comp…but sadly im a gear head and boozer…i’ll start back playing soon tho…hope u guys have a kick ass time and turn-out…

We’ll try to get GG in a tourney somehow soon…

yeah maybe we could get some tvs in there or something and ps2 with it oneday. it would be good for us all to meet up, get all the heads in tn, ky etc together. that would be sweet.

I’ll talk to Doug about it. I don’t think we can get more than one TV, there’s just no space for it, and the pool players there think they own the place. You should have seen it when we were trying to play Tekken, LOL

HAHA. i know man. pool is serious business dood. people bet there gf’s and stuff. alot is on the line :slight_smile:

god this is so sweet. tournaments in the south. this like never happens that often lol.

Yeah, and they like to put the pool sticks near the screen while we are playing making us stop our game, and they put their food on the Air Hockey table like they own the place. Yeah. Go Tennessee.

I’m going to create some tournament stuff somehow, someway…got to get players out here to stop scrubbing out on Halo and Call of Duty.

haha. yeah fps are huge now. they are like figthing games use’t to be :frowning:

With no comp in my area, I’m really no good at any games, but I’ll still try to make it down and start learning.

I’ll happily let you destroy me and take my money. :rofl:

Parkreiner, you’re still within Nashville confines, so you do have some comp, just have to come down this way =P

CONFIRMED, At least one Cleveland player and Arizona player in town for tourney. WOWOWOWWOOWO.

I’ll definitely be doing just that. :woot: